Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash Review

Side ny side comparison with Canon580EX

I must say that I don’t understand Canon’s legal department, how can they let YN COPY their flash bit bit?! The yongnuo yn-565ex looks exactly like the 580EXII (minor differences) with 430EXI digital back, as if someone made a joke of Canon’s stuff…

But lets move on and see some specs about this new yn565EX flash:

  • TTL Flash with very powerful guide number GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm, support TTL, M, Multi mode
  • Auto and manual zoom functions 24-105mm focal length
  • Full support TTL Functions FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, Menu Access of Canon camera
  • Charging Socket for External Flash Pack

The YN-565 is actually is their version for the Canon 580EXII.

Side ny side comparison with Canon580EX
After getting to know this Chinese brand with many great mainly strobist flashes like the 460 and the yn560,Yongnuo began to aim for higher targets. While the 460 and the 560 are a lot flash for your $s they where targeting only the strobist clubs, I don’t know many amateur photographers that use manual flash all the time, and I must say that there are times when I also want it to on auto (ETTL) . YN wanted to be more than a strobist flash, they want to be an alternative too.

When you look for Canon brand flash for under 200$, you’ll only find the Canon 270EX who is a light one, but very low power. The amateur flash will be the 320EX (220$) or the 430EXII (+250$),  those ain’t cheap.

Update (18/01/2013) : There is another YN flash that might interest you in this price range – YN500EX previewed here. The 500EX is  less powerful, but can do HSS (if you need it), and is a bit smaller.

Here is my review for the YN565EX:

PROS – What I like in the YN565EX review here:

  • High power- GN58 is what canon offers with their 580EXII.
  • Low weight – it weights less than the Canon 580EXII, although same size.
  • Build quality – I must say that it looks very solid and I’m one that is used for Canon flash (no Vivitar and other 3rd party brands).
  • Accuracy – This is the most important flash feature, I tested it for couple 100’s clicks and it looks very solid.
  • Sound – It makes a beep while charging and ready sound (some my like it and some won’t).
  • Slave modes – Has the S1 and S2 like their other flashes, but the big news are about their wireless control! It can be a wireless slave to the master Canon580EXII (I didn’t checked it yet with the 550EX , but I think it will work too).Being able to get an ETTL wireless ability from a 3rd party flash is a surprising feature, you could get thi one to work in groups and channels.

Cons – What I miss in the YN565EX:

  • The big bummer with the YN-565EX is the fact that he can’t sync fast (FP), so if your camera syncs 1/200th sec like my 5DMKII, thats the fastest shutter speed you can get here.
  • I must say that I found some flaws in the YN565, but mostly because I’m used to my 580s.
  • The YN565 has a hot-shoe lock like the 580EX – a rotation ring, not a lock gask like the 580EXII.
  • Yongnuo copied well the buttons in the swivel head, but its not a lock button like in the other Canon flashes.
  • The worst manual ever seen for any device on earth!!! But there is some funny sides to that – they actually used the same ducks diagrams for the wireless section as in Canon’s manual… There are pages there that you’d think that my 3 years old boy can write better. Guys, you decided to play the pro background – put some more minutes in the manual…
  • Reputation.



YN565EX – Bottom line:

This flash is packed with features- high power, recycles fairly fast, has all the strobist features you’ll need (even a pc sync),ETTL and a very good price (about 160$) you could buy 2.5 YN565s at the price of one 580EXII…For normal use=home use and personal (not wedding photographer that flashes about 2000 per night) this unit is a very good option, especially if you consider Canon unit…

Personal thoughts:

I must say that I was sure that with the wireless control that puts this flash in a very apprising status, there will be also high speed sync, but no!!! This is my only disappointment from that flash. It costs less than the Nissin and Sigma who are the leading 3rd party “pro” flashes out there, but has the same and more features. This isn’t just a strobist flash but also a useful flash for 160$ bucks.


YN565EX review conections image
YN565EX provides a charging socket for an external power pack and a PC port for more connections.
Battery door - YN565
I heard some times about other YN models that there are some problems with the battery doors, not with this one, feel EXACTLY like Canon’s!
YN565 review- LCD back screen
The YN565EX has a new LCD back display very similar to Canon’s 580EXII, big +
YN565 review front image
Front view YN565EX

If you have any questions about the YN565EX please feel free to comment here, you’ll get fast personal answer!

If you don’t need the TTL and wireless features, you might want to read my review for the YN560-II a very affordable strobist flash for less than 80$!!!

Click to view the english YN565EX user manual (or right click and save as to download)

Videos and instruction for the YN565EX:

How To shut Down The Beep Sound:

In general you’d have to press the Fn. button (Function) . By pressing the up/down buttons you’ll get to function number 14, then press the left/right button and switch the setting from (on) to (–).Here is a short video:

116 thoughts on “Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash Review

  1. I’ll look into the YN568ex, i guess i can spare the extra £20 to get a newer flash.

    The difference is YN568ex dont have battery pack socket, cannot be a master for other flash and probably have a better build? and ofcourse 568ex have HSS will probably use it sometimes to get that extra speed to make the ambient light black. 😀 will buy the RF-603n3 for it aswell 😀

    what batteries do you use for your flash? Sanyo Eneloops XX 2500mAh Nihm?


      1. Thanks very much Samuel…

        sorry to bother you mate.. but i tried to join the black and white challenge

        tried to upload an image a couple of times but it just wouldnt work, it uploads and stops

        the image i was uploading is just under 10mb(is that too high)

        PS: this review forum is great. quick reply and easy to use. keep up the good work 😀
        and thanks again.

  2. hey, sorry again, i was meaning to ask you if the RF-603’s have their own speed limit[stupid question but might aswell ask] , if they support HSS or they only go 1/200 or 1/250 shutter speeds. thanks

    1. The RF’s do only your camera sync speed, that mean most of the time it will be 1/200th-1/250th depending on your camera model.
      Those are great way to start playing with the off camera flash.
      I’ve using the 602/3 for a long time, they do their duty.
      Here is a link to amazon page for the 603

  3. thanks again mate.. i got my RF-603 N3 today and my yongnuo yn-568ex and they are awesome!! works great and the build quality is actually pretty good!!.. the only thing is that the on off button for the transceivers are placed on the worst place of the device LOL RIGHT UNDER THE FLASH BODY.. but other than that works fine.. tested the zoom.. works, tested the flash.. more than 15 times.. works great.. on off nothing buggy.. all is fine.

    thanks you very much for you help.

  4. High sync speed is great and is required when shooting portraits or outdoor photography. In my opinion, its not required if event or shooting is indoor.

    And anyway if the flash is used as an off camera setup in manual then it also should cause no problem in regards to high sync.

      1. Hi Lammy,
        Both are compatible with your 650D (who is a great camera).
        However they both aim for different market.
        The YN560EX has no on camera TTL capabilities and you could use is on your camera only in manual modes. It also lacks AF-assist.The YN560EX is a great flash for of camera use and especially if you have a Canon flash that can master it (550EX580EXI/II and so on)
        The YN565EX on the other side is a flash that supports on camera TTL and has AF-assist.
        You could also check about the YN500EX who is a smaller flash compared to the YN565EX (something more like the Canon430EXII in its size), but a little less powerful.
        Here are links for those flashes on Ebay:
        YN500EX Ebay.com.au

        YN560EX Ebay.com.au

        YN565EX Ebay.com.au

  5. Hi, great review!

    I’d like to confirm if this 565 EX works as slave with a Canon 550 EX.

    I’m in Brazil, so, Canon originals here are very expensive: a 430 EX II costs about 500 USD, due to import taxes! I use to buy my photo acessories direct from dx.com.

    Does YongNuo has any other – i mean, cheaper – model that works as slave (with 550 EX) and with eTTL?

    Last question: all Canon flashes – even olders, like 430 EX or, lighters, as 270 – can be used as slave with a 550 EX?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Tiago
      The yn565EX can be a slave to the Canon 550EX.
      About cheaper option for a slave to the 550EX you might want to look into the YN560EX, I didn’t use it with the 550EX (I might try it later if you want me to).
      About other flashes that can work with the 550EX, the 430 can, other cheaper Canon flashes won’t to the slave trick with any other flash.

  6. i was interested in purchasing the yongnuo 565 ex ettl..im new to flash photography..everythign just seems to loom over my head..could i use this as a master..if so what other flash of a yongnuo or nissin could i use as a slave..or if this is the slave what could i use as a master..and do i need any triggers or such while using it as master and slave..thanks for any assistance..:D

        1. As an auto slave to the YN565 no.
          What you can do is get the YN622 triggers (a bout 50$ per unit) and you’ll get the option to auto control the YN565 from your camera.

  7. Hey I wanted to use this as a slave. What could I use as a master. Can u use a third party ettl as a master. If so which one. And do u need anything else to use as master and slave. Thank you. Hope u can help. Need to pick one up for my sisters wedding. Which is happening in a week.

  8. I am the realtively happy owner of YN560EX and YN560III. I bought the latter first. Reconizing it was a maual flash i ordered the TTL-version YN560EX. To my disappointment I found only one contact point on its shoe and realized there was no way the flash could communicate with my camera (Olympus OMD EM-1), and by no means through its lens.
    . So – what on earth does the TTL tag really mean?
    To me the two lenses are manual
    Frode Inge Helland, Norway.

    1. Hi Frode,
      I can get your fursration, the YN560EX can be TTL controlled by a transsmiter,I’m using it very well and its a real bargain if you do have some kind of controller:
      Canon 580EX
      and so on

  9. Hi
    I got an yn-565ex II for canon, but as far I can see it isn’t compatible with 5D classic and 400D.
    On camera it reads the data (f number and focus distance) but it doesn’t fire !!!
    Any suggestions ?

    1. Hi VasilisK
      As far as I know, the YN565EXII has to work with the 400D I’m not sure about the 5D.
      You can write your shop and ask them about it, it seems to be a problem.
      Does it fires on manual mode?
      Do you see the infra red beem when you try to focus?


  10. Hi Sam ..
    Well it doesn’t fire on manual mode either and yes I can see the infrared assist light.
    On both cameras ( 5D & 400D ) it acts all the same ( not firing at any mode), but tested on a 40D, looks ok !!! From the shop they answered that it is not compatible with 400D and they can take it back, but I like it and I try to find a solution to make it work at least with 5D

    Thanks for your response !!!!

  11. I forgot to say that this unit is the second I own, the first one had the same problem , but not tested on the 40D went back to HK …
    thanks again ..

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