Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash Review

Side ny side comparison with Canon580EX

I must say that I don’t understand Canon’s legal department, how can they let YN COPY their flash bit bit?! Theย yongnuo yn-565ex looks exactly like the 580EXII (minor differences) with 430EXI digital back, as if someone made a joke of Canon’s stuff…

But lets move on and see some specs about this new yn565EX flash:

  • TTL Flash with very powerful guide number GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm, support TTL, M, Multi mode
  • Auto and manual zoom functions 24-105mm focal length
  • Full support TTL Functions FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, Menu Access of Canon camera
  • Charging Socket for External Flash Pack

The YN-565 is actually is their version for the Canon 580EXII.

Side ny side comparison with Canon580EX
After getting to know this Chinese brand with many great mainly strobist flashes like the 460 and the yn560,Yongnuo began to aim for higher targets. While the 460 and the 560 are a lot flash for your $s they where targeting only the strobist clubs, I don’t know many amateur photographers that use manual flash all the time, and I must say that there are times when I also want it to on auto (ETTL) . YN wanted to be more than a strobist flash, they want to be an alternative too.

When you look for Canon brand flash for under 200$, you’ll only find the Canon 270EX who is a light one, but very low power. The amateur flash will be the 320EX (220$) or the 430EXII (+250$), ย those ain’t cheap.

Update (18/01/2013) : There is another YN flash that might interest you in this price range – YN500EX previewed here. The 500EX is ย less powerful, but can do HSS (if you need it), and is a bit smaller.

Here is my review for the YN565EX:

PROS – What I like in the YN565EX review here:

  • High power- GN58 is what canon offers with their 580EXII.
  • Low weight – it weights less than the Canon 580EXII, although same size.
  • Build quality – I must say that it looks very solid and I’m one that is used for Canon flash (no Vivitar and other 3rd party brands).
  • Accuracy – This is the most important flash feature, I tested it for couple 100’s clicks and it looks very solid.
  • Sound – It makes a beep while charging and ready sound (some my like it and some won’t).
  • Slave modes – Has the S1 and S2 like their other flashes, but the big news are about their wireless control! It can be a wireless slave to the master Canon580EXII (I didn’t checked it yet with the 550EX , but I think it will work too).Being able to get an ETTL wireless ability from a 3rd party flash is a surprising feature, you could get thi one to work in groups and channels.

Cons – What I miss in the YN565EX:

  • The big bummer with the YN-565EX is the fact that he can’t sync fast (FP), so if your camera syncs 1/200th sec like my 5DMKII, thats the fastest shutter speed you can get here.
  • I must say that I found some flaws in the YN565, but mostly because I’m used to my 580s.
  • The YN565 has a hot-shoe lock like the 580EX – a rotation ring, not a lock gask like the 580EXII.
  • Yongnuo copied well the buttons in the swivel head, but its not a lock button like in the other Canon flashes.
  • The worst manual ever seen for any device on earth!!! But there is some funny sides to that – they actually used the same ducks diagrams for the wireless section as in Canon’s manual… There are pages there that you’d think that my 3 years old boy can write better. Guys, you decided to play the pro background – put some more minutes in the manual…
  • Reputation.



YN565EX – Bottom line:

This flash is packed with features- high power, recycles fairly fast, has all the strobist features you’ll need (even a pc sync),ETTL and a very good price (about 160$) you could buy 2.5 YN565s at the price of one 580EXII…For normal use=home use and personal (not wedding photographer that flashes about 2000 per night) this unit is a very good option, especially if you consider Canon unit…

Personal thoughts:

I must say that I was sure that with the wireless control that puts this flash in a very apprising status, there will be also high speed sync, but no!!! This is my only disappointment from that flash. It costs less than the Nissin and Sigma who are the leading 3rd party “pro” flashes out there, but has the same and more features. This isn’t just a strobist flash but also a useful flash for 160$ bucks.


YN565EX review conections image
YN565EX provides a charging socket for an external power pack and a PC port for more connections.
Battery door - YN565
I heard some times about other YN models that there are some problems with the battery doors, not with this one, feel EXACTLY like Canon’s!
YN565 review- LCD back screen
The YN565EX has a new LCD back display very similar to Canon’s 580EXII, big +
YN565 review front image
Front view YN565EX

If you have any questions about the YN565EX please feel free to comment here, you’ll get fast personal answer!

If you don’t need the TTL and wireless features, you might want to read my review for the YN560-II a very affordable strobist flash for less than 80$!!!

Click to view the english YN565EX user manual (or right click and save as to download)

Videos and instruction for the YN565EX:

How To shut Down The Beep Sound:

In general you’d have to press the Fn. button (Function) . By pressing the up/down buttons you’ll get to function number 14, then press the left/right button and switch the setting from (on) to (–).Here is a short video:

116 thoughts on “Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash Review

  1. Hi,
    Funny review, I like your style.
    I think that you over killed the flash,
    The fact that the YN565 doesn’t has high speed sync isn’t
    making him a good flash and a bargain.
    You have to compare it to its real rivals, Nissin, Sigma, Pentax and more (not to mention Vivitar), they all don’t have high spped sync, while the YN has tops them in ant other aspect offering a high power strobist flash with big TTL and wireless sensor.Only those two plus the price makes it better than the other.

    1. Roy , you are welcomed for your comment here!
      I must say, as I mentioned in the review that the fact that it doesn’t has high speed surprised me very much.
      When the (YN) make a flash that look identical to the 580EXII you get probably some more expectations…

      But I actually compare it with the 430EX (I and II) cause I want to put him somewhere in his price league and the 430 DO HAS high speed sync…
      Never the less as you said, in its price range he is the best value for the money ,by far.

  2. That was fast!
    I do see what you mean.
    Keep in mind that most people that consider 3rd party units already do some comprimising just by choosing it, so most of them when the flash is on camera will use the camera on auto mode and then most of the times you won’t pass that 1/200th sec limit most of cameras offer (Nikon and some Canon models are 1/250th).

  3. I just got one of these flashes a couple of weeks ago. It nicely complements my 580EX II – so that I can shoot more complex scenes using multiple strobes. Lack of high-speed synch isn’t a problem for me (yet) – and the YN565EX is had to beat on price.

    … one issue though, which may send me back to buying Canon. On my flash I seem unable to change the flash group or channel. I can get it into Slave mode okay – but on pressing the ZOOM button again (even quickly), the menu just goes back into mode selection. The group/channel selection options as described in the manual (and as function on my 580EX II) simply don’t appear.

    I don’t know if this is just a defect with my particular unit – or if I misread the manual (I agree that it’s pretty bad, but I was willing to accept that on the basis that menus are supposedly the same as Canon’s). I’ve sent an enquiry email to both Yongnuo and the Hong Kong dealer that I purchased from. No reply as yet though.

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your detailed comment.
      I mus say that I don’t work Master/Slave in groups, I use my flashes only in manual mode.
      I see what you talk about, in my oppinion groups would have been usefull if I could control the groups in manual
      (as far as I know that only in TTL modes, right?).
      I’ll check tommorow the unit that I have to see if I can solve your issue.
      I think I read somewhere , that there is a mistake in the manual YES A MISTAKE IN THE MANUAL with some of the Master/Slave

      Thanks Andy, hope to see you more here.

  4. Wow – thanks for your quick reply. After putting the flash aside for a few hours, then coming back, I was able to get the group/channel selection working. Essentially it works as advertised – I may simply have been holding the ZOOM button down a faction too long.

    With that problem solved, I’m now more than happy with my YN565EX.

    I’ll see how things go when I start using the flash for real stuff, but so far so good.

  5. Yep, I’m quick!!!
    I’m happy to see that it worked just fine.
    I really think this one is a bargain and I hope for YN that they broke out of the circle of but Chienise stigma with this one, as it realy aims high, so I belive they did it well…
    Hope to hear what you think of it after some working time.
    You can now upload images to your comments, so interesting images or problems will be wecomed!

  6. I bought the yn 460 and had a few problems that i learnt to live with I then bought the yn565ex flash this seems to have a life of its own most of the time it does not fire or there is a long delay. I have it attached to the hotshoe of my nikon d70. there is normally a flash icon in the view finder but this is not the case with the yn attached any ideas what i may be doing wrong( batteries are fine in both camera and flash and hotshoe is clean

    1. i think you might consider returning it to the dealer if that’s how bad your copy is. I don’t know Nikon cameras to well to tell about the icons and stuff, but the YN565EX suppose to be a “little” better than the manual strobist guns like the 460 and the 560 , so write a mail to the dealer and ask for some refund Q. The YN565EX that I had worked perfect and is about to return from a tourist trip to Barcelona, there we’ll have another opinion about it.
      THNX for sharing your experience with it!

  7. The Yongnuo YN-565EX works very well with Canon EOS-1D X as well as ATG Canon EOS-1D Mark IV IR,1D Mark IV and 7D IR.

    I had two mod cameras, ATG Canon EOS-1D Mark IV IR & 7D IR using the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems Kim VIII – darn this work great!

    If you don’t have the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems Kim VIII, you can try & shoot tethered with 565EX on your camera. Just load up the Canon EOS Utility software for your computer.

    You can adjust most settings on your camera or pc with 565EX and all settings with 580EX II.

  8. Hi Samuel M.
    Have you tried using the YN565EX as a slave to the Canon 550EX?
    If so, how was it?
    Would like to hear/read your thoughts on it.

    1. Hi, TNX for visiting.
      Yes I tried the 565EX as a slave, but tested it with the 580EXII not the 550EX/
      With the 580EXII if worked flawless.
      I don’t see any difference between the 550 and the 580 as master triggering the 565, so it has to work the same with your 550EX.
      Feel free to ask anything.
      TNX !

  9. Hi,
    I don’t know wich to buy as a budget TTL flash for my Canon 1100D, the YN468 or the more expensive YN565?
    Any updates, as far of building and problems?

    1. Hi Dan,
      Its only a matter of budget that will make your decision, I don’t know about the 468, but I can tell you that the 565YN as a budget alternative for the big Canon flash guns, is very good value for the money, and by far the best flash that you’ll get for those bucks .

  10. The Yongnuo YN-565EX does not look exactly like Canon 580EX.
    It’s just better :o)
    That’s like saying the VW looks like a Porsche because it has 4 black tires with 2 side mirrors.

    565EX has better metal hotshoe than 580EX II. Would you prefer the flash & camera hotshoe break or just the flash?

    565EX has audio tone sound which Canon/Nikon do not have.
    Why do you think advanced to pros are using ATG Nissin MG8K and Quantum QFlash Flashes?
    Ever park your flash somewhere you can not see nor get access to?

    565EX can do what Canon 600EX-RT and Nikon SB-910 can not do…full wireless ir ETTL II or ITTL & non/pre flashes. That’s 4 wireless flash modes!

    565EX has PC Sync & HV Ports which the Canon 430EX/430EX II and Nikon SB-600/700 do not have. They can’t even do strobes.

    565EX has PC Sync Port while Canon 430EX/430EX II/550EX/580EX and Nikon SB-600/700 do not.

    565EX can do 1/8000 wireless flash sync once a hss flash has been modified by ATG.

    Better bang for the money is go with Yongnuo 565EX.
    I’ve been using it on ATG Canon EOS-1D X, ATG Canon EOS-1D Mark IV and ATG Canon EOS-7D IR and Canon EOS-5D Mark II.

    This flash works on my Hasselblad H4D without any problem. And this is an APS MDSLR camera.

    Many people wanted everything but they are not willing to pay for it.
    In flash photography if it’s over $450.00- they yell tooooooo expensive :o(

    I have used it with the ATG AK1 Un-Tethered Systems with the Yongnuo 500 Series without any problem for years.

    Hope they are helpful.


  11. I’ve had a pair of these since Aug 2011, I also have 2 x 580EXII’s, 2 x 550’s and a few YN 560’s
    FYI I shoot interiors and jewellery (requires 50+ stacked macro shots per item)

    Whilst HSync would have been nice, this is easily outweighed by the S1 and S2 slave modes (don’t know why Canon don’t have these)

    Build quality on these is excellent, alevel above previous YN units, seems they improve their quality every generation.
    Agree with others about the non lever hotshoe ๐Ÿ™ , however I normally don’t use them on the camera.

    Cycle times much the same, power output a little under the 580EXII, but very consistent (important for macro stacking shots).

    Also note, there are different settings for sounds – very useful for interior shooting to supply audible feedback to confirm firing. Also the wake up capability via remote triggers is very handy.

    I would recommend these to anyone who needs multiple flash units, especially anyone who already has a 580 and needs to add some extra flashes.

    1. Hi Brian,
      thank you for your reply, that was fast!
      I using them mostly for portraits and fun.
      I’m using triggers and not much the 580 as master, but when I do so, I love to have some more guns in my arsenal.
      I really want the HS, and was very disapointed to find out that I couldn’t have it with this piece, so I’m back to buy 5x0EX flashes…
      How about showing some of your macro work?

  12. Just opened the box and attached my new 565 to my canon t3i. Af assist beam is not working and I can’t figure out what is wrong. Tried changing focus point, changed af mode to one shot, but still no luck. Can you help me out?

    1. I worked it just fine with a 600D. It has to work, the only thing I can think about is the focusing point, but I understand that’s not the issue here.

  13. For the people in the know out there, I have a Canon 5d Mark iii and need a flash for it. I can go for top dollar top flash in the Canon 600ex, or budget yongnuo YN 565ex. As a novice, what do you suggest?

    1. I’d say that if you made all the way to the Canon 5dmkiii, go for the canon 600 here.

      As for money comparing to the 580, they both worked well for me, but when I go and shoot events I have the 580 on my camera and the YN-565EX somewhere else as a slave.

      1. Thank you for your reply Samuel. I’m still not sure if paying 3 times as much for the Canon 600 is really worth it for me as a beginner and whether I wouldn’t have all the functions I need with the yn 565 ex?

        1. Hi Herman , the name is Moshe (Moshe Samuel `-)),
          My advise (and this is only my opinion) is if you got the green notes go for the original, if not consider the other , in this case the YN.
          It has only one “flaw” for me, and this one won’t bother most of photographers, specially if you use it as your on camera flash – it doesn’t makes the HSS, and was really pissed of when I found out about it when I got it…
          The other thing is its reputation for long lasting and this kind of claims. I didn’t hear it about the canon, only after massive use.
          Mine is working well even about a year after getting it…

          1. Hi Moshe. Thank you. Pardon the ignorance, but what is the HSS, and why would I need it? As a novice I bought the best camera I could afford as my daughter competes in equestrian events and sometimes I need to do still and other times video photography. I must admit paying with New Zealand dollars was quite steep! From articles I’ve read the Canon 600 ex and 5d iii is a match made in heaven, but for my purposes, what would I miss by buying the YN565 rather than the 600 ex? By the way, I’m quite keen to learn as much as I can about photography as I’d also like to do nature and bird shoots. With the camera that is… ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. HSS= Hight Speed Sync
            You can shoot when the flash in on your camera at high speeds than your camera sync speed (its about 1/200th sec with my 5DII I think it will be the same with your too),
            but as it has Canon wireless infra communication, I thought it would keep the HSS capabilities in the wireless mode too, but it doesn’t (apparently only Canon units can do it) .
            For your kind of use , the yn565 will be good value for money.

    1. Hi Ryo, Thanks for visiting here.
      If you want to turn off the sound, youl’d have to do it throught the Fn. menu.
      While with the 560II that I reviewed here, the 565EX as been a bit more advanced unit, it doesn’t has free spots for beep on/off…
      So this is what you’ld have to do in order to turn the YN565EX beep of:
      1.Long push on the Fn. (Costum Functions)button.
      2.Press the Up/Down buttons until you get the Sound option on your screen (number 14).
      3.Press the Right/Left buttons to turn it on/off.


  14. Hey now, I’m shooting my first wedding in about a month. I don’t have the dough for a 580. Was thinking about the 565EX or maybe the Canon 430EX. Bottom line, do you think the 565EX is a good fit for the 5D Mark II? Thanks

    1. I think that the 565EX will do the job well.
      I wouldn’t get the 430EX as a main flash, although my first option will be the 580.
      The 580 is my main on camera flash for about 4 years now, and never gave me troubles.
      As for E-TTL accuracy, I can say that the YN565EX if pretty much the same as the 580 I have.
      The only thing I’d be worried about is its building Q, I don’t say its bad, but wedding photography is a rough playground…
      *Get the 565EX if your are a going to use it for semi pro use.
      *Get the 580EX if you are going to be a pro user.

      How many weddings you are going to shoot in a year?

  15. Hi,

    Just a quick question, will the Yongnuo flash be triggered by the built-in wireless transmitter by the canon 600D?

    Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, I don’t really know the Canon 600D, but as far as I see from its specs and reading some on the net, if it can trigger a Canon 430 and all the wireless Canon flash units, it should do it with the YN-565EX.
      But the thing is that the commander is via its pop up flash, so I’m not sure how much it is similar to the wireless triggering system that the 580 and 550 units use.
      On the other hand its on their site that it can do, read here , quote:

      Suitable Camera in TTL function:

      Canon 5D II 30D 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 1000D 1100D
      Canon Rebel XS XSi XTi T1i T2i T3

      so I think your 600D will trigger the YN565EX.


      1. Thanks Samuel. I have read a lil bit too and yeah I think the 600D will fire the YN565ex using the pop-up flash.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Actually I haven’t bought my 600D yet, hihih ๐Ÿ™‚ still in the dilemma of canon 600d vs nikon d5100.. hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚ been reading comparisons about canon over nikon and vice versa. hehe one thing I like about the 600D is the wireless flash trigger considering its a midrange cam. The thing I like about nikon, the very famous for all nikon, low noise at high ISO and more dynamic color range.. still reading some comments or opinions.. hehehe

    anyways, just a little share hihih ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hhh, I Canon guy, never heard that the Nikon has better ISO performance, for the same generation camera.
      I’d go for the Canon anytime, the Nikon has an image look that I can’t look at…

  17. Hehehehe.. It all boils down to me (ofcourse ๐Ÿ™‚ ) hehe.. I guess what will let me determine here is my budget. Hehehe.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. If you’ll use it well and keep it safe, I believe it will use you good. My piece is here from the first day they got it out, and still working flawless…

  18. Hello sorry for my English. after reading this (565EX can do 1/8000 flash wireless flash sync hss eleven has been modified by ATG) I have not clear whether the former has 565 yonguo sync to 1/8000.
    My camera is canon eos 40 D and I have a transmitter and two receivers that synchronize king pixel to 1/8000 and let me know if I can use the 565 ex yongnuo at that speed 1/8000 to buy two flash units yongnuo.

    What is ATG?

    1. Hi Angel,
      Tnx for visiting my site!
      I’m actually not sure the YN565 can do this HSS sync, didn’t try it and I don’t have the pixel triggers.
      About the ATG, I don’t know what it is… `-(
      I read the answer, I think its a Nissin flash

    1. I don’t know how long , I can only say about mine.
      Mine works from day one till now, did some weddings with it as off camera flash, and used it for my indoors family photos when I need something handy.
      Looks good, and works great.
      Its a great budget TTL flash.

  19. I am a wedding photographer and I have one 580exII I use with a promaster 7500edf backup. This looks like it would blow the promaster out of the water. What did you mean by it isn’t mean for a wedding photographer 2000 flashes a night..is it not sturdy enough?

    1. Hi Charles,
      For weddings I use mainly the 580EXII as my on-camera flash unit. During some weddings in the last 10 months that I use the YN565EX it did fired some 2K flashes per evening,
      but only as a slave gun, generally at 1/8th of its full power, never did problems or over heated and so on.
      I don’t use ETTL ever (even wit the on camera flash) so I can’t tell about it to much, I can only say that while testing and comparing the ETTL ability and the IR triggering with the 580II, it seemed to be getting the same results.
      My bottom line is:
      If you do use TTL you can buy 3 565EX units at the price of one 580EXII, so it seems like a very good bargain

  20. Hi. Can I use this flash outside the body of my Canon 7D using Wireless Remote and contol the flash? Can I use, for instance, 2 Yongnuo using remote easily for make a home studio without spend a lote? From Portugal, thks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Victor!
      First of all the answer is yes, your 7D can trigger the YN565EX, quoted from their manual

      The YN565EX can be triggered by 580EX II, SB-900/800/700, 7D/60D/600D, Nikon c-command and ST-E2,
      and flashes as TTL mode as well as M/Multi mode.

      You can click one of the Ebay banners on my site if you are going to buy a YN565EX.
      If you are working in manual modes, it can be a good Idea to buy 1 YN565 so you can get the ETTL option and some YN560II or even YN460II that will pop in manual modes, but the YN565EX is really a bargain for me.
      I add hehe a link to the YN565EX Manual, so You can read some if you want.

      Its funny , but My parents are now on a trip to Porugal and my father’s name is Victor `-)
      ENjoy and share this post if you found it helpful!!!
      TNX, Moshe Samuel.

  21. Thank you for this review it’s very informative.

    I am a complete beginner when it comes to flashes, and when I purchase one it will be my first.

    I own a Canon 50d and was looking at the 550EX when I stumbled onto the YN range. I am wanting to start taking potrait photos of my son with the aid of an umbrella and wondered if you think the 565 would be more suited to what im after or go with the canon 550.

    Thanks in advanced,


    1. Hi Gary, thank you for visiting!
      First of all, as I have the old 550EX you were talking about (in case you didn’t mean the 580EXII).I must say that after I got the 580 about 4 years ago, I couldn’t look at the 550 anymore and just kept it as a backup flash or a slave unit.
      I don’t like it,
      its much slower than the 580ex /YN565EX my impression.
      its heavy – and might consider it when coupled with your “light” camera.
      You could find only second hand units, as it been of the shelves more than 5 years…
      But, it can be a master flash and has HSS(your flash will be seen at faster speeds than 1/200th). I don’t know if HSS is a feature normal users must have, you might even don’t see it missing if you didn’t know about it.
      One more important feature with the YN flashes is that they have S1/S2 slave modes – the flash will pop when your on camera flash will pop, that is great as you can start your off camera flash experience immediately.

      If you don’t need the flash as on camera flash you might consider the YN560II (reviewed here) or YN460II who are simple affordable manual flash for strobistsโ€ฆ

  22. Thank you for your quick response. I was leaning towards the 565EX before your comment, but that has sealed it. Although I have just seen that they have the 568EX out have you had any dealings with this? Is it worth paying the extra for the HSS?

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Gary, you are welcomed!
      I don’t have any experience with the 568EX, I think its pricing is a bit problematic (for YN)
      Cause if I consider to pay about 185$ for a flash I would rather pay a little more and get one of the third party flashes that are
      on the market for a long time, probably like the Metz-48 units,
      That’s what makes the YN565EX very popular !
      About the HSS, take in mind that your on camera flash doesn’t has HsS, so if it didn’t bother until now, it won’t do in the future `-)

  23. Hi,

    Can you use it in rear curtain flash mode set via the camera. I own a 5D mark III and I want to use it with a radio trigger or sync cord and want to st the camera to rear curtain.



    1. Hi Neil,
      As far as know, it can’t .
      Tried it for a minute with my 5DII+580EX as commander and it didn’t work. Maybe I did something wrong but it didn’t work.
      Anyway, from the YN565EX Manual, they don’t mention the rear curtain sync while in wireless mode, but only:

      Any flash exposure compensation, FEB, FE lock, manual flash, and stroboscopic flash settings set with the master
      unit will be automatically transmitted to the YN565EX.

      There is a link to download the manual, at the end of the review.


    1. Hi Miguel, thank you for leaving a comment!
      Yes the YN565EX can be triggered with Canon’s 580EX IR wireless system.
      Keep in mind two things:
      1. It doesn’t supports HSS (in case you are interested in HSS) and will flash at your camera’s max sync speed -something between 1/160th-1/250th depending on your camera model.
      2.In case you are not going to use the YN565EX as on-camera flash and want it as ETTL wireless triggered flash, you might consider the new YN560EX reviewed here. You’ll get some change of a 100$ bill.

  24. Hi there- I am a very amateur photographer that wanted to start getting into off camera flash for portraits and artistic shots. I bought the YN565EX about 6 months ago because the price was right. So far, I have been unable to get the flash to fire off camera unless it was being triggered by my on-camera pop up flash. Not what I was hoping for! I know that the manual says that the flash can be trigerred remotely from my Canon 7D but for the life of me I cannot find the right settings- any chance you shoot with this model and can give me some tips?

    1. Your flash and camera are fine, the popup flash is the device that triggers the off camera flash (YN565EX) and it won’t matter if that a YN, Canon or other flash units….
      You could buy radio triggers is you want to solve that “problem”
      RF603 are a great value for the off camera triggers.
      You could consider the more expensive YN622c triggers that are great and could keep ETTL and you can also manual control your flash from your camera control menu..THNKS

  25. Hi – Just accidentally found this flash on ebay. It’s very affordable for international student like me (which I have to spend most of my money for food and living). I’m using 7D now and looking for an affordable flash, like YN. Unfortunately, I don’t have any knowledge (not even one bit T^T) about flash. Then, Should I buy YN565EX or YN560 II which is manual?

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi,
      It depends on the use of your flash.
      If you only need the flash to be off camera – the YN560II and the YN560EX (who will keep ETTL with your camera comander) will be a very good choise,
      But if you are about to use it mainly as an on-camera flash I’d go with a ETTL compatible flash: YN565EX or the less powerful version YN468.

  26. Hi, thanks for the review.
    Rookie user here too. I am trying to find out whether to get the $80 Yongnuo YN-468 II or the $160 565ex.

    Any thoughts on is it worth going up? It look like they both have the ettl feature.

    Thanks again.
    I should have added the main use of the camera is hundreds of grandkid pictures (lol) and outdoor nature photos, a lot of bird pics on our outdoor feeders. Like this – http://365project.org/debihas27/365/2012-11-22#.UK5GvbfksyM.facebook

    1. Hi Dan,
      In general they look as if they give the same work, but keep in mind two main differences:
      1.Power – one more stop for the YN565EX means much better recycling times for the same situations.
      2.Using – The 565EX is much better in this section.

      I’d go and buy the YN565EX if it your first flash, you can find it on eBay for about 145$.

        1. hhh, Sorry
          it has a much better user interface/buttons.
          One more thing you should take in mind is its building quality, it has the 460II body
          who is a very plastic body, you might be dissapointed.
          Is it your first flash?
          in general you get what you pay for,468 has less power and I think this is something to consider.

  27. Yes it is the first flash. Using a canon sxi camera. So you are saying the 468 uses a cheap plastic body and the 565 is a better qualty, more power and better buttons, etc. One thing I don’t like is it looks the the 565 is very big compared the the 468.
    Decisions! It costs so much more but if it is worth it…..

    and after reading your ‘about me’ I hope you aren’t in a dangerous area right now!

    1. If you use a small camera, the 468II size can be an advantage. I f you used a DSLR I’d surely go for the 565 , but in this case I might cheange my mind `-)
      About the dengerous stuff, I’m in the dengerous area, but there is a cease fire for the past days… It isn’t fun when it happens (mainly for the kids, the grownups are getting used to this…), but I think this is something that won’t ever change while you are lead by fanatics that think the world runs like 2000 years ago…

  28. Hi Moshe, thank you for your review.
    I’m a newcomer to photography and have a Canon EOS 500D.
    I’m considering a couple of these flash units and am wondering about triggering them wirelessly.
    I’m a little confused about what I need to this. Do I simply need a wireless trigger with ETTL facility for the camera ?
    Will this trigger the two 565’s alone? or do I also need transceivers on the 565’s ?


    1. Hi Milard,
      As far as I know , the 500D doesn’t has external flash control (I think this is available only with the 600D and newer).
      If you want the off camera TTL ability, you’d have to get the YN622 who is the most affordable wireless TTL pass trigger on the market (a pair for about 90$).
      I’d go with simple manual triggers’ like the YN602 who doesn’t pass TLL, but are an amazing introduction to the off camera flash world.
      TNX, Moshe

  29. Hi Samuel..i’m beginner in using dslr camera..i own nikon d5100..would like to get flash for indoor family function..will YN 565EX works this cam?

    1. Hi Clint,
      I acctually had to go and chack that (missed my first morning train cause of that…`-))
      It doesn’t goes 360, but:
      90deg to the right
      180deg to the left
      that means, you can swivel its head pointing back, but only by rotating it to the left direction…

  30. i am a complete beginner with flash photography, and i dont want spend that much money to buy nikon sb700.. i can buy 2 of YN565ex for the price of a sb700. just finished watching Zack Arias “OneLight DvD” and looking to buy 1 flash — would this flash be enough/reliable enough just for practicing flash photography indoors and outdoors? and the rest of the money would go towards, light stands, umbrella and tripod( for self portraits ).

    thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. and what flash would you recommend to a flash photography beginner? right now, im looking at YN565ex, YN568ex, Nissin-Di866 [ i use nikon d7000, and i want to use flash on Full manual.

      Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. As reviewed here the YN568 is a newer flash therefor I’d like to believe that it has some more durability than the YN565EX who its first units got some negative feedback as per building and problems.
        If you can spare the extra 40$, I’d go for the YN568EX , but not just because of its extra features (HSS+better monitor) but for the fact that its newer.
        We are running a monthly photography challenge on this site this month its B&W photo challenge, you might want to enter as there are some strobists stuff for the winner!
        TNX, Moshe.

    2. Hi Renz,
      I think that the YN565EX is probably the best affordable way to start this.
      As for power and recharging times it is similar to the Canon/Nikon flashfuns.
      The only diff is about they building quality who is a step lower than the Canon/Nikon flashs.
      In case you are not about to work them like hell, the YN565 will be awasome.

      1. Hi,
        Finally found a YN-568ex for nikon d7000 (when i searched all was showing was fit for canon)
        i guess i can spare extra ยฃ20 for the 568ex just to get that extra shutter speed to completely blackout the background.. so the only difference with 568ex and 565ex is that of 568ex-HSS, 568ex doesnt have a Battery pack socket, 568ex cannot be used as a master and 568ex has a better build since its newer?(i guess)

        and yes i would love to join the monthly challenge as soon as i start getting some better pictures haha ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. You put the comparison well, just missed the fact that both 568 and 565 can’t be used as a master, the Phottix mitross is about to be avialiable and I guess it will be priced something about 230$, it will be a master flash too.
          As for the battery pack I don’t feel the need for one.

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