The 1$ BeautyDish or Less

I found this “project” on Kirsty Wiseman’s site, Kirsty writes and designs scrapbook pages for craft magazines in the UK and her site is ranked number 1$BeautyDish-main9 in the UK for crafty blogs, so if you are into crafting, Kirsty’s is a great place for you. This post is for you if you are looking into a couple of minutes of work and getting some kind of home use flash diffuser. This one is based on the shape of a beauty dish, you don’t expect it to get you the look of a beauty dish, but it will be a nice lighting modifier for your flash gun, probably better than the “normal” flash caps you probably already have.

DIY BeautyDish – Building a 1$ (or less) “beautyDish”:

What you need for this DIY project:

  • 2 x polystyrene dishes.
  • 2 cocktail sticks.
  • A small piece of foil.
  • Double sided tape.
  • A cutting knife.
  • A pair of scissors.

Those are very simple to get and you probably already have them at home.


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