2 Strobist Photography Ideas – 01

strobist - week 1

Looking for ideas for your next shootout? Here we are for your help!!!

We are goug to pump you up with weekly great strobist ideas from around the globe. For this first time I want to introduce you to two setups, using small flashes and a quick setup.

Strobist Idea No.01

Paul Cox has a great web gallery and tons of touch and talent, I really liked this image, he uses 3 flash units: Nikon SB800 camera left and right behind model with CTB filter, main light is Quantum T5-DR into a AB PLM 64″ brolly. We don’t have any power settings for theis setup, but camera is set to 85m + f/5.6 + ISO200+1/160sec, here is the lighting diagram created with our new beta lighting diagram creator:

strobist1Three lights diagram

Strobist Idea No.02

I like to watch volleyball, beach vollyball is a tough sport, Karl Pearce put in a set of images, this is my favorite (you can browse his gallery and choose your favorite). In this image, Karl used here 3 flashes  :

  • 2 SB28’s @ 1/4 power wide to both sides of subject
  • 580EX @ 1/4 power front on to subject

Here is the setup done with our lighting diagram creator:

strobist22 strobist2

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