How To take great beer images!!!


I usually don’t share here videos made by commercial site/stores and so on, but this time I want to share this video about how to take better beer images.

Why I think this video is great or different from the others? It teach me two new things, and improved my photography (at least when trying to photography beer `-) ):

  1. When pointing the flash from above , you’d normally get a good exposure of the beer froth , but underexposed the beer itself. What Scott did here was placing behind the beer a small reflector shaped in the size of beer bottle!!! Very clever and useful!!!
  2. Second tip shared here was the fact that after some time of shooting, the beer froth will dissolve , so adding a little bit of salt to glassĀ  will make it come back to life again.

So if you ever wondered if you can take those images , here is a short 4minutes video to make it easier for you:

If you liked it, I’d be happy if you share it and pay a visit to Unique Photo YouTube Channel with more than 1.6K videos!!!


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