Best places to photograph in Cinque Terre, Italy

Best places to photograph inCinque Terre, Italy

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” – Destin Sparks

Cinque Terre, Italy, is a photographer’s paradise. With its enchanting coastal villages, colorful houses, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers endless opportunities for capturing stunning images. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, Cinque Terre is a destination that should be on your photography bucket list.

From the iconic views of Manarola village to the terraced olive groves of Vernazza and the stunning beaches of Monterosso al Mare, every corner of Cinque Terre is a picture-perfect frame waiting to be captured. Ready your camera and explore the vibrant streets, hike the scenic trails, and immerse yourself in the charm of these picturesque Italian villages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cinque Terre, Italy, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning coastal villages and breathtaking Mediterranean views.
  • Manarola Village offers colorful houses perched on cliffs that create a striking backdrop for photography.
  • Explore the scenic hiking trails that connect the Cinque Terre villages, such as the Monterosso-Vernazza and Vernazza-Corniglia trails.
  • Vernazza Village is famous for its terraced olive groves and provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Monterosso al Mare boasts a beautiful beach and hosts lively festivals, making it a diverse photography destination.

Manarola Village

Manarola Village is a breathtaking destination in the enchanting coastal region of Cinque Terre, Italy. Renowned for its colorful houses perched on the cliffs, Manarola offers a picturesque backdrop for photography enthusiasts. Capture the essence of Cinque Terre as you stroll along the main street, lined with vibrant buildings that exude charm and character.

For the ultimate Cinque Terre photo, head to the sunset viewpoint, where you can witness the mesmerizing hues of the Mediterranean Sea against the backdrop of Manarola’s colorful facades. With the aid of a wide-angle lens, you can creatively capture the striking contrast between the vibrant houses and the tranquil sea.

Admire the unique architectural design of each house, painted in delightful shades that beautifully complement the surrounding landscape. The colorful houses create a delightful visual feast that will elevate your photography to new heights.

Natural Beauty and Serenity

Manarola Village is located in the heart of Cinque Terre, offering visitors an escape into a world of natural beauty and serene surroundings. As you explore the village, you’ll encounter narrow streets and charming alleyways that beckon you to discover hidden gems at every turn.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this coastal paradise, where the lapping waves of the Mediterranean Sea create a soothing soundtrack. Here, you can capture the essence of a laid-back Italian village, where time seems to slow down and worries melt away.

Exploring Manarola Village

Aside from photographing the colorful houses, there are numerous other attractions and activities to enjoy in Manarola Village. Visit the Church of San Lorenzo, a charming 14th-century church with a beautiful white facade and a peaceful interior.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hike along the renowned Via dell’Amore (Lovers’ Lane), a scenic trail that connects Manarola to Riomaggiore. This trail offers stunning panoramic views that make for excellent photo opportunities.

A Taste of Cinque Terre

Indulge in the culinary delights of Manarola Village by sampling fresh seafood dishes and savoring the local wines produced in the region’s vineyards. Treat your taste buds to traditional Ligurian cuisine as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the village.

Top Photography Spots in Manarola Village

Spot Description
Main Street Colorful houses along the main street offer a vibrant backdrop for capturing the charm of Manarola.
Sunset Viewpoint The perfect spot to witness the breathtaking sunset and capture the colors of the Mediterranean Sea.
Church of San Lorenzo A picturesque 14th-century church with stunning architecture and a peaceful ambiance.
Via dell’Amore (Lovers’ Lane) A scenic trail that connects Manarola to Riomaggiore, offering panoramic views of the coastline.

Hiking Trails

Cinque Terre isn’t just about the villages, but also the scenic hiking trails that connect them. There are 48 trails in total, offering breathtaking views of the stunning landscapes within the Cinque Terre National Park. Among these trails, two stand out as the most famous and picturesque: the Monterosso – Vernazza trail and the Vernazza – Corniglia trail.

To embark on these remarkable hikes, you’ll need to obtain a special ticket known as the Cinque Terre Card. This ticket not only grants you access to the hiking trails but also provides unlimited train rides between the villages of Levanto, Cinque Terre, and La Spezia.

However, it’s important to note that one of the popular trails, known as Lovers’ Lane, which connects Riomaggiore and Manarola, is temporarily closed due to a landslide, but is expected to reopen in 2024.

Monterosso – Vernazza Trail

The Monterosso – Vernazza trail is a 3.7-mile adventure that traverses the rugged coastline, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the terraced vineyards that adorn the hillsides. This moderately challenging hike takes approximately two hours to complete, depending on your pace. Along the way, you’ll encounter scenic viewpoints where you can pause to appreciate the natural beauty of Cinque Terre.

Vernazza – Corniglia Trail

The Vernazza – Corniglia trail spans 2.2 miles and is a delightful hike that takes you through olive groves, vineyards, and charming villages. This trail provides an excellent opportunity to photograph the picturesque landscapes and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of the region. The hike takes about an hour to complete, offering plenty of time to capture stunning photographs along the way.

Exploring the hiking trails of Cinque Terre is an unforgettable experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area and discover hidden gems beyond the villages. Remember to pack comfortable shoes, plenty of water, and your camera to capture the awe-inspiring moments along the way.

Vernazza Village

Vernazza Village is a charming and picturesque spot in Cinque Terre. With its colorful houses and stunning seaside views, it’s no wonder that Vernazza is a favorite among photographers. One of the best places to capture the beauty of Vernazza is on the Vernazza – Manarola trail. This scenic hiking trail showcases the village’s terraced olive groves and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the village and the surrounding landscape.

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can also arrive in Vernazza by sea. Whether by boat or ferry, the approach to Vernazza provides a unique perspective of the village and its colorful houses lining the harbor. It’s a perfect opportunity to capture Vernazza’s coastal beauty from a different vantage point.

The charm of Vernazza lies not only in its picturesque setting but also in its vibrant atmosphere. As you wander through the village, you’ll discover narrow alleyways, quaint shops, and local restaurants. Don’t forget to explore the harbor area, where fishing boats sway gently in the water and vibrant umbrellas dot the shoreline.

Key Highlights of Vernazza Village:

  • Stunning terraced olive groves
  • Seaside views
  • Colorful houses lining the harbor
  • Charming alleys and local shops

No visit to Cinque Terre is complete without experiencing the allure of Vernazza Village. Its picturesque landscapes, terraced olive groves, and vibrant coastal atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for photographers and travelers alike.

Monterosso al Mare Village

Monterosso al Mare Village is a must-visit destination within the stunning Cinque Terre region of Italy. As the largest of the five villages, Monterosso offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural festivities that make it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking beach views or vibrant festival scenes, Monterosso has it all.

Beach Paradise

The highlight of Monterosso al Mare is undoubtedly its picturesque beach. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and colorful beach umbrellas, the beach provides a stunning backdrop for capturing unforgettable photos. Whether you want to photograph sunbathers enjoying the sand and surf or simply capture the tranquil beauty of the coastline, the beach in Monterosso is an excellent subject for any photographer.

Festivals Galore

In addition to its captivating beach, Monterosso al Mare is known for its lively festivals that take place throughout the year. Two of the most renowned festivals in Monterosso are the Lemon Festival and the Festival Bandistico. The Lemon Festival showcases the vibrant citrus fruits grown in the region, and festival-goers can witness impressive lemon-themed displays and parades. The Festival Bandistico brings together local and international musicians who perform enchanting melodies, adding a delightful and festive atmosphere to the village.

To capture the energy and vibrancy of these festivals, be sure to bring your camera and embrace the lively scenes around you. The vibrant colors, intricate costumes, and exuberant performances provide an abundance of photo opportunities that will make your pictures come alive.

Monterosso al Mare Village Photography Opportunities

Photography Opportunity Description
Beach Views Capture the stunning beauty of Monterosso’s beach with its crystal-clear waters and colorful umbrellas.
Lemon Festival Immerse yourself in the lively Lemon Festival and photograph the impressive lemon-themed displays and parades.
Festival Bandistico Capture the enchanting melodies and festive atmosphere of the Festival Bandistico, featuring local and international musicians.

Riomaggiore Village

Riomaggiore is the first village you’ll encounter when arriving by train from La Spezia. This vertical village is a charming destination within Cinque Terre, known for its historic churches and beautiful views. One of the notable landmarks is the Church of San Giovanni Battista, a stunning example of Italian architecture. Its intricate details and vibrant colors make it a popular subject for photographs. Another religious site worth visiting is the Church of San Lorenzo, which offers a peaceful atmosphere and a glimpse into Riomaggiore’s rich history.

For breathtaking panoramic views, head to the Castle of Riomaggiore. Perched high above the village, the castle provides a vantage point to admire the surrounding landscape, including the sparkling sea and the colorful houses of Riomaggiore. It’s a perfect spot to capture stunning photos that encapsulate the charm and beauty of this coastal gem.

One of the best ways to capture Riomaggiore’s enchanting appeal is from the water. Hop on a ferry and enjoy a picturesque ride, capturing the vertical village from a unique perspective. This vantage point allows you to showcase the beauty of Riomaggiore’s architecture against the backdrop of the sea. It’s an ideal opportunity to capture a panoramic view of the village’s cascading buildings and vibrant colors.

Top Photo Spots in Riomaggiore Village:

Photo Spot Description
Church of San Giovanni Battista Capture the intricate details and vibrant colors of this historic church.
Church of San Lorenzo Explore the peaceful atmosphere and photograph the beauty of this religious site.
Castle of Riomaggiore Enjoy panoramic views of the village and the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea.
Ferry Ride Take a ferry and photograph Riomaggiore from the water, showcasing its vertical charm.


Corniglia is a unique village in Cinque Terre that offers a mesmerizing experience for visitors. Situated on a small cape, this charming village is known for its breathtaking panoramic views, terraces, and vineyards that surround it. To reach Corniglia, you’ll need to climb 377 stairs along the footpath called Lardarina, which only adds to the allure of this hidden gem.

Once you arrive in Corniglia, you’ll be greeted by stunning terraced olive groves and vineyards that stretch out in all directions. These meticulously maintained terraces not only add to the village’s beauty but also produce some of the region’s finest wines. Take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance while capturing the essence of the Italian countryside.

To capture the best photo of Corniglia, I recommend hiking to one of the many viewpoints situated outside the village. Dedicate an evening to exploring the scenic trails that lead to panoramic views overlooking Corniglia. As the golden hour approaches, the village’s vibrant houses and terraces will bask in the warm glow, creating a truly magical sight.

Corniglia’s Vineyards and Wine Production

Vineyard Wine Specialties
Manarola Vineyard Sciacchetrà: A sweet, fragrant white wine
Corniglia Vineyard White Wines: Vermentino, Bosco, Albarola
Monterosso Vineyard White Wines: Bosco, Albarola
Vernazza Vineyard White Wines: Bosco, Albarola
Riomaggiore Vineyard Sciacchetrà: A sweet, fragrant white wine

The table above showcases some of the vineyards in Corniglia and their wine specialties. Each vineyard has its own unique characteristics, offering a delightful variety of flavors and aromas. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the local wineries and indulge in a tasting experience that showcases the best wines Cinque Terre has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Corniglia as you explore its winding streets, enjoy the peacefulness of its vineyards, and capture the panoramic views that will leave you in awe. This charming village is a true hidden gem in the heart of Cinque Terre, offering an unforgettable experience that combines natural beauty, local culture, and breathtaking vistas.


While technically not part of the Cinque Terre, Portovenere is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be missed. Located at the end of the Gulf of Poets, this charming village offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical architecture. With its pastel-colored buildings and breathtaking views of the sea, Portovenere provides a picturesque setting for photography.

One of the most iconic spots in Portovenere is the viewpoint near the church. From here, you can capture a panoramic view of the town, framed by the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Poets. The combination of the church’s distinctive architecture and the stunning coastal backdrop creates a truly mesmerizing composition.

If you’re looking to capture the true essence of Portovenere, be sure to visit during sunset. As the golden light bathes the village, it transforms into a magical place, radiating warmth and tranquility. This is the perfect time to capture the beauty of Portovenere and immortalize its unique atmosphere in your photographs.


What are the best places to photograph in Cinque Terre, Italy?

The best places to photograph in Cinque Terre, Italy include Manarola Village, the hiking trails in the Cinque Terre National Park, Vernazza Village, Monterosso al Mare Village, Riomaggiore Village, Corniglia, and Portovenere.

Why is Manarola Village a popular spot for photography?

Manarola Village is a popular spot for photography because of its colorful houses perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The vibrant colors and breathtaking views make for stunning photos.

What are the most famous hiking trails in Cinque Terre?

The most famous hiking trails in Cinque Terre are the Monterosso – Vernazza and Vernazza – Corniglia trails. These scenic trails offer beautiful views of the villages and the surrounding landscape.

What makes Vernazza Village a great place to photograph?

Vernazza Village is a great place to photograph because of its charming and picturesque atmosphere. The Vernazza – Manarola trail provides stunning views of the village and the surrounding landscape. Arriving in Vernazza by sea also offers a unique perspective for photography.

What photography opportunities does Monterosso al Mare Village offer?

Monterosso al Mare Village offers diverse photography opportunities. The beach, with its crystal-clear waters and colorful umbrellas, is a popular spot for photos. Additionally, festivals like the Lemon Festival and the Festival Bandistico provide vibrant and lively scenes to capture.

What are the notable landmarks in Riomaggiore Village for photography?

Riomaggiore Village is known for its historic churches, such as the Church of San Giovanni Battista and the Church of San Lorenzo. The Castle of Riomaggiore also offers beautiful views over the sea. Capturing a panoramic view of the village from the ferry is another great photo opportunity.

What makes Corniglia unique for photography?

Corniglia is unique among the Cinque Terre villages as it sits on a small cape and is accessed by climbing 377 stairs along the footpath called Lardarina. The village is surrounded by terraces and vineyards, offering beautiful views of the surrounding hills. To capture the best photo of Corniglia, hiking to a viewpoint that provides a panoramic view of the town is recommended.

Is Portovenere worth a visit for photography?

Yes, Portovenere is worth a visit for photography. Located at the end of the Gulf of Poets, Portovenere offers picturesque views of pastel-colored buildings and the sea. The viewpoint near the church provides an iconic view of the town and sunset is the best time to capture the beauty of Portovenere.

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