Mastering Wine and Liquid Splashs Photography

Hi , this tut is from Edward (Ed) Durbin, Ed found a very creative way to create a slider (could watch 10 sec movie at the bottom) on which you can put a wine glass, sliding the glass to the end of the slider’s rail will make it stop and the wine or other colorful liquid you’ll put in splash out of the glass in a very “photogenic” way, So lets dig in and read more!

So let see how the images were taken.

  •  The tricky part is the slider.The slider is actually made from the sliders from a computer desk keyboard drawer. I screwed the sliders to pieces of wood, and then mounted it to a piece of shelving. Screw a screw into the slider, and another screw into the shelving, then wrap a rubber band or two around the screws. It’s easy to build if you have an old desk that you can take the sliders off of or found a slider desk somewhere.
  •  Camera settings vary, but normally you can sue 1/250, f/8, and ISO200.
  •  I just shoot burst mode. The camera is tripod-mounted, and all I do is use one hand to pull the slider back and the other hand is on the camera pressing the shutter button. Taking a burst of 3-5 shots will be enough to catch some type of shot where the water is flying out of the glass.
  • Setups : You may find some versions in the images below, in most of the shots I used one flash to light the background into a plain bright white, I put on the flash a DIY Gobo do direct the light to the background. Second flash on-camera directed to the glass to freeze the scene.
  • General tips for improvement…practice `-) . Camera settings can vary depending on how many flash you use. I use either one or two flash. If you aim one flash at the background you can make sure the background is white while not overexposing the glass. If you overexpose the glass it’ll disappear, so you don’t want to blast a lot of light at the glass. You can also try using a mirror or piece of glass on top of the slider. Mount the wine glass onto a mirror or piece of glass with hot glue or similar, then mount the glass to the slider. This way if you do it right you can have the entire wine glass in the shot.
More images and setup shots:
Image by Edward Durbin
Image by Edward Durbin
Image by Edward Durbin


This is just my version, there’s probably other ways to do it, all it takes is a little thought. I’ve been happy with the results that I get so I haven’t done any “improving” on my setup.

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