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Hi Guys,

I know I havn’t write for some time, I got A LOT of work on my hands (which is great) so I took a short break. I’m about to post some products reviews mainly on the new YN5600III (previewed here), I must say that its a really great bargain flash, so if you are starting to build your strobist kit, this 560III delivers!

However, just stumbled a very good looking site (that talks a lot about Wescot stuff, but…) its pretty new site, it will have a lot of great reviews and as far as I can guess there are going to be some nice strobist video tuts we all like to watch and get inspired by ,I know that I do (it pumps my hobby photography side).

They also say there are going to be some competitions around there. You might take a look at

A new strobist site

Here is a video tut I found there:

Now there only thing I’m missing here is a good looking guy or girl and speed boat…`-)

Have Fun!!!

mmmm , I’d be happy if you share this…

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