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This time I want to introduce you with a new photographer I got to know recently, His name is Dr. Tilo “Gallo” Gockel and he has a great site (here), one of the best sites I visited for a long time, its in German, but you can learn from the images, the type of work you just want to get out and shoot after you see how easy it is.We are going to cover at least three aspects/setups of his work, so lets start!

This image caught my eye as it is very clean and has the high key look that we are challenging on the January Photography Challenge and as I digged in a bit more, I realised that this setup is so easy and unique that I must go deeper check this folk. Here is his setup, we are going to analyze it a bit.

The two light bathroom high key setup:

two lights batroom setup

Ok I think you got the simplicity of this setup and why I like it so much…But a little more about it:

  •  Background – This was taken in a bath tab – so in case you have a white colored bathtub your set for this location.
  • Lights – there are two YN460 flash units. Those are the cheapest strobist flash units you could think of (I covered them here). Both YN460 fired into a simple white paper, so you can’t say anything about lack in lighting modifiers, this one gets as Diy Photography as you can imagine.
  • Triggering – Here Vicco used the budget good old YN602 triggers. He actually used only one trigger, triggering the left flash only, as the right one was triggered by its own built-in optical slave, a very useful feature! As both lights are pointing generally  to the back of the bath tub, you get the highkey effect.
  • Camera settings : Canon 5DII used for this setup, Iso 100,f/3.5 , 1/125th at 85mm (Canon’s amazing 85 1.8).
  • Tips : Not to many to offer as this setup is probably perfect for its budget and idea. Getting those two light and some budget triggers will cost you les than 120$ if you are ordering from Ebay. The only thing I can think of is mixing in some other soda colors = flavours for some coloring effect, but this is it. this image is doog to go into a campain!!

Tow light Bath tup setup

Hope you enjoyed this piece, there are a couple more coming soon , covering those simple methods!

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3 thoughts on “Your New Location : Shooting Soda After Shower

  1. whew, so nice, thanks for the flowers .-))

    that reminds me, that these little soda bottles still have to be around somewhere … hmmmm!!

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