YN568EX II Preview

There is a lot of buzz around YN lately, with some excellent new gear their are throwing to the market:

  • YN622TX rumors (wrote about it here)
  • YN603 flash controller that will be able to trigger and control flash power for the YN560III (YN560III reviewed here and controller first introduced at flashavoc here)

But under the radar and already available to buy, YongNuo updated the very popular YN568EX and now you can get for about 10$ the new YN560EXII. You probably ask what are the differences between they both?

The new YN568EXII can control flashes via wireless infra (Canon’s way), if you are a fan of this , the new model will suite you perfectly! Other than that YN kept all the old features from the YN568EX:

  • Supports high-speed sync flash with high-speed sync (FP flash), the YN568EX II can synchronize with all shutter speeds. The New YN568EXii flashmaximum shutter synchronous speed is up to 1/8000
  • High guide number, TTL and High speed sync: GN58@ ISO100, 105mm; which reaches the level of the mainstream hot shoe flashes, supports HSS, TTL/M/Multi mode.
  • Multiple trigger mode supported: The YN568EX II can be triggered by the camera set-top, built-in or main-controlled flashing command, S1 and S2 (pre-flash-canceled mode).

What About The Phottix Mitros?

This new flash by YN comes as a rival to the Phottix MITROS TTL FLASH. Phottix were proud with the fact that the Mitros can act as a master to Canon units, now that the YN can do this too, they are in a bit of marketing issue (The Mitrox costs about 300$ while the YN568EXii sells for a bit less than 180$)  .

I must say that I’m extermly pleased with my YN568(I) I work with it constantly and like never misses and is a fantastic match to the YN622s.

Whether to buy this one or the older version? I would go for the YN568EXII:

  1. Yongnou has now more experience and user feedback with yn568exI so if there are things to fix I’m sure they did it in the II model.
  2. Only 10$ difference and you are getting the cheapest flash control option on the market, thats makes the extra 10$ worth!

What do you think about it?


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