YN622 TX is The Next Big Thing?

Hi Guys,

YN622TX controller

There is a lot of buzz agound that on the net and there seems to be some rumors that YN are about to reveale a new flash controller to the very popular YN622 series.

What is it all about? No much details, the rumors say that the new YN622tx will be available to pre order during October. What we can
learn about it now is only from rumors and the image that released about a week ago.

Those images look very “photoshoped” I would belive it if there was only one version of yn622 controller, but as two images showed up in about the same time, there are some doubts about it.

yn622n commander

What we can know about the YN622TX?

  • Has a nice bug LCD screen.
  • Controls ABC groups
  • Some say it will have usb support for future firmware updates.

Anyhow if those are rumors are true, and I don’t see any reason why YN won’t make this kind of controller , as they have most of the technology to make it

Meanwhile you can get the YN622’s:

YN622 for Canon (~86$ at amazon)


YN622n for Nikon (~90$ at amazon)

What do you think, are we about to have a budget YN622 controller?

How much will you pay for one? I’d go for the 70$-80$ mark, How much will you pay?

2 thoughts on “YN622 TX is The Next Big Thing?

  1. With the older tech Nikon SU-800 at $250 that needs a $45 YN622C to work, only $80 (that is $35 plus the 622 price) for newer with USB update capable for this? If they make it so it controls CLS flash TTL reliably, your number seems low to me. I’d by the first one for double that $80 and know I got a great value with the YN622 TX compared to the old tech/overpriced everything else.

    1. Hi JR,
      Thanks for leaving a comment here!
      I’m not familiar with the Nikon stuff, so I don’t really know about the SU and so on (I do know what they do but not more than that..`-) ) ,
      However YN offers the YongNuo ST-E2 who costs about 100$ which is better than Canon’s original that costs about 250$/
      I do think that YN will hit the market with a very affordable flash controller, as they hit the market with the YN622 that costs about 41$-45$ a piece and makes the best trigger per $ you can get (sorry pocket wizard guys….)
      I do think it will cost more than 100$

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