How To Create The Perfect YouTube Channel Banner

I’ve been using this cover for my youtube channel for a long long time, in the marketing world we call it 90’s design, for being so outdated… Its about time to have anew one, so that a great opportunity to show you how to easily create an amazing cover art for your youtube channel

Youtube Banner Size:

Minimum YouTube banner size

should be – min 2048 pixels  by 1152 pixels – if you’ll try to upload a smaller image you’ll get an error while uploading the image and you’ll be asked to upload a better one

YouTube banner limitations

there are no limitation for the size of the image if you keep it above 2048*1152, but it should be smaller than 6MB

YouTube Banner Recommended size

YouTube recommends your banner to be 2560 x 1440 pixels , this will fit best on desktop and mobile devices


Create a stunning YouTube Channel Cover in 3 easy steps:

Here is the easy way to create your youtube cover art

1. Login to and create you account. Its free and they don’t even add a watermark on the graphics you create

how to create a youtube channel art in 3 steps - step1

2. Pick one of the templates that fit your channel best

how to create a youtube channel art in 3 steps - step2

3. Just update the text to the one you want and

how to create a youtube channel art in 3 steps - step 3

4. Download… that easy


So say hello to our new YouTube Cover image

DIY photography stuff new youtube cover

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