The lost plane – By Tasos

The lost plane photography

Hi, This time we have a very interesting post with Tasos Anestis (Personal Facebook Page), Tasos is a traveler and a photographer, who lives in Athens, Greece. Tasos took a unique angle on an old airplane debris, Read the story behind the picture as told by Tasos.

The lost Airplane story

On my way back to Reykjavik I decided to find the famous plane wreck on the south Iceland

In 1973 a United States Navy DC plane crashed on the black beach at Sólheimasandur, The place is surreal,like a sci fi movie, endless black sand and a plane wreck in the middle of nowhere, its something that you don’t see every day

Since there is no road, a 4X4 and a GPS is recommended

I have seen many photos of this place but I wanted to do something different, and since it was getting dark  I decided to use my flash to experiment a little bit with it

The-lost-plane-preparations The-lost-plane-2 The-lost-plane-1

Even when I am going for landscape shootings I always carry with me at least one flash and some triggers, you see I am the type of guy ‘ you better have it with you and never use it, than you want it and miss it’

After some experiments with the flash,I tried to hide it in the plane, and I was really amazed by the result, it was so unreal, and kind of spooky.(I also use some Photoshop editing to exaggerate the light rays)

Too bad it was getting too dark and start raining so I had to stop before I complete my shots,but definitely I ll come back one day

The shots are with the 5D Mark3 and the 16-35 f/4 IS

The flash I used is the Nissin Di866 Mark II triggered by the Yongnuo 622

Who is Tasos?

I’m an international travel  and fine art photographer  currently based in Athens.

I experimented and explored different genres and found myself taken by travel photography

Today, I’ve combined my passion for photography and travel and enjoy conveying  the beauty of the world around me to others through my  photographs.

The lost plane - final image


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