Dramatic Product Photography using just one light and a grid

Hey, I remmeber a piece at McNielly about using an umbrella over your models head pointet from above just down on him.This makes a very dramatic look to the model (I didn’t found the image that I reffer to as it was on one of his DVDs – recommended) .

So why don’t make the same thing with your product phtographs?

I acctually made that setup in about 10 minuts, pretty fast. So what do do and how?

Part one – one light:

What I used here?

  1. Small model doll.
  2. background- none (there is a wall just 10cm behind).
  3. One flash (580EXII) shooting throught a grid.
  4. Testing exposure.
  5. Image settings : Canon 5DII, Canon 100mm, f1/16, 1/125sec, ISO 1250 Canon 580EXII 1/32 full power.

Take a look a the fast product photography setup:

I must say that it was realy about 10 mintes to set up,so you are welcomed to try it yourself too.

Next apisode will be about two lights similar setup but much more colorfull, so keep visiting.

Feel free to comment here for more tips and thoughts.


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