Two Light Setup by Lance oliver


Hi, just wanted to share with you a nice lighting setup I found on the web. This one interested me a lot, not only there is a funny bath plastic duck my 2 years girl plays while having a bath, but also because it used a diy small softbox from a shoe box, that I made some years ago and was one of my first posts on this site…`-)

Anyhow as I contacted Lance Oliver the photographer, I found out that he is also the owner of a very cool lighting diagrams creator site (SyLights) who has a growing photographers community, so thumbs up for Lance.

This setup is pretty easy, all you need is two lighting sources (although I think just one will do a good job too) build a shoebox softbox and some kind of a bowl or other water container to hold the duck in it.

Setup settings go like this:

  • White paper as a background to the setup.
  • One main light – in this setup Lance used the very popular strobist flash, the Nikon SB28, zoomed 24mm wide and set to 1/32th full power. Of course shoot through a small shoebox softbox.
  • Second light – another SB28 to light the background into a very nice white.
  • Camera settings – using Canon 550D, 1/200th sec , ISO 100, f/5, Focal length 37mm.


This is how the setup actually looks:

This is what I call easy and fun!!!

You guys are welcomed to comment here and attach your images of such setups. PLS pay a visit to Lance’s site


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