5 Tips on How to Take Pretty Photos from Professional Photographers


One of the most important skills young models should have is the ability to take good photos. This does not mean that they should have awesome photography skills; but rather, they should know how to make themselves look good in every photo they take.

According to a famous Vogue photographer, even seasoned models with the perfect face struggle with this. This is because they lack the understanding of the different variables that make a good photograph.

So, if you are currently working as a model and you want to book more modelling jobs, and wish to make every photo shoot or selfie show your most attractive self, help is here. Listed below are professional photographers’ five tips on how to do that.


1. Pay attention to lighting


This is photography 101 for you.

Facing a natural light source directly and taking a picture from the side is one of the keys to making your beauty stand out in a photo. It gets rid of harsh shadows on your face, and the warm light also manages to blur whatever skin imperfections you may have.

Here’s another thing you need to learn about lighting and picture-taking – most cameras, be they phone cameras or DSLR cameras, process mellow tones such as beiges, creams, and greys better. Taking a picture using natural lighting and those light tones in the background create a more dimensional image.


2. Learn about angles and perspectives

This is a simple lesson that models should become masters of and it really is just a matter of studying how a camera “perceives” what’s in front of it.

For example, if you take a picture from a top angle, you will automatically draw attention to your head. The top of your body will look so much bigger. Therefore, it is not the best angle to use when you want to appear long and lean.

The opposite effect is achieved if you shoot from below – your legs will appear mile-long and your head will be small. This is quite flattering if you are showing off an outfit.

Now, if you want to show off your natural proportions, a mid-shot is the best. For a selfie, use a selfie stick at its full length and align your phone with your waist or midriff. There’s no optical illusion here, just the best depiction of your real proportions.


3. Create flattering shadows

Although harsh shadows can make certain imperfections such as your dark circles or uneven skin tone more pronounced, you should not discount their ability to achieve an artistic image. There are certain types of shadows that actually work for a beautiful picture.

Everything has to be calculated, though, and you need abundant natural light. To create these lovely shadows for your pictures, take advantage of a few props such as plants, window blinds, and sheer fabric curtains.

Also, know your angles. Make sure you tilt your body (or just your head) just right so there is that balance of light and dark to enhance the natural contours of your face.


4. Pose to create angles with your body

The main idea to remember when it comes to posing is you do not want to look “flat.” For lovely pictures of yourself, you need to make them three-dimensional by positioning your head and neck in a slightly tilted way to show the contours and grooves of your features. The angles should be made from the sides to be visible.

Ditto with the rest of your body – cross your legs, put your hands on your waist, throw your hands up in the air, and thrust your hip out.

Do not ever just stand straight because this achieves no beautification purpose.


5. Use elements of the environment

Lean against a wall, push yourself on that net swing, hug that tree – basically, make your photo come alive by taking advantage of the elements around you. Get that magazine spread kind of feel by using your environment to stage a scene.

If you want more lessons on how to really boost your modelling game, inform your talent agency about your pursuit of improvement to get more modelling jobs. They can teach you, as well as use their connections to get you the help you need in order to become the best at what you do.




Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.



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