Getting as much ambient light into your photo.

When you wonder around photography forums and looking for tip on how to shoot party/wedding/indoor photos,you probably here the common tip and its something like that:”try to get as much ambient light into your photo”

Well my tips is as you can guess:”Try to get as much possible ambient (natural) light into your shots”.

How you can do it?

  • If you are shooting  a good lit place,try shooting without flsh,or you your flash only as a fill in flash.
  • if you are shooting outdoor in a poorly lighten environment and you use an off/on camera flash,you can drug you’re shutter,by getting low shutter speeds (you can see an example bellow)

This pictures was taken with flash as fill in flash as shutter speed of 1/15sec,800ISO and f/3.5.This setting allows a lot of natural/ambient light into the picture.Even though the picture took place in the night during some kids party its looks natural.


Share more tips about how you are getting your photos to  look more natural!

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