Who we are?

This site is for all you photography enthusiastic  guys and girls out there! If you want to get start and learn about studio photography without spending a lot of money for the pro photography lighting gear.Actually all you need to start with is a digital camera (a film camera will do it too,but is not so good for beginners testings) an off camera flash a tripod and you can start shooting like a pro.Read the DIY Photography Stuuf category to get some easy to do light modifiers and you can start learn and examine your photography abilities! 

You’ll see that the tutorials in this site are made in a standart living room or a spare room that I can use, but the photographs results are some of a pro quality.This means you can do it too,you just have to want to do it!!!

Hey my name is Moshe Samuel, I’m 34 years old from Aseret,Israel.I started photography when I was about 5 years old and loved it since.Check the tutorials in my site and lets start learn how to shoot better!


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