Tips for better panning photographs

Panngin photogrpahy tips

Panning is a very nice and simple photographic effect, that is very simple to implement.I’m pretty sure had some panning in your photography even if you didn’t want to.For getting the panning effect right you have to follow the basic steps that I’ll talk about in the following post, the base for a prefect panning is slow shutter speed,not to slow and not to fast.

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So what should you do totake those great panning images?

Here are the basic 7 steps:

  1. Set your camera to Tv (Time variant) control, so you’ll the control for the time the shutter will be open.
  2. Do some tests to get the idea about the perfect time.The picture of the motor cycles in this post where taken about 1/8th sec – 1/15th sec.Those object where moving about 30km/hour and about 20m away from me, so if you are about to photograph faster moving vehicles or taking the panning pictures closer you should make the exposure for about 1/60th-1/30th sec.
  3. Test and improve– Change your shutter speed and compostion for better panning photographs.
  4. How to take the picture? set the focus on the moving object,drag the shutter and while dragging the shutter, pan with the moving object.
  5. Follow the object – start following the object some period before  you drag the shutter and continue your movement a brief moment after the shutter has dropped. This will prevent surprises and will make you movement more smooth as you take the picture.
  6. Use a tripod – To get sharp it will be a nice idea to use a tripod or monopod for extra sharpness.
  7. Test and improve– Change your shutter speed and compostion for better panning photographs.

Here are some examples of pannings that I took while we where traveling in Italy, only there you’ll find so “sexy” scooters for your panning photographs.Share your tips and pictures with as!!!

Panning photography in Rome



How to take panning images


Better panning photography

Panning photography at the subway



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  1. Panning is probably one of the most easy photographic effects out there.
    Great piece
    By the way, you have some dust on your CCD.

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