Want a homemade photography studio?Lets see what you need

Many times I’m getting asked:”Hey I know you strated your photography journey from a small home made studio,What do I need to start it (hame made studio)?”

So I go on and answer,could you be more specific? What are you exactly asking?

I’m building a DIY Photography Studio in our empty basement or my sisters room,

  1. How much space do I need, if I want to shoot mainly portraits? For that question I always say, that you don’t need to much space at ll!!! If you are about head shots, in many times you even don’t need to clear a room! Some of my favorite portrait head shots are photographed in front of the guests room wall. You’ll need to get some free room only in case which you’ll want to get full body portraits and posing.
  2. How much room will i need in that case?For full length portraits I usually use my homemade photography studio, who is in a long room that is 3m wide 7m long,the longer and wider is the better (always 😉 ).Wide room will let you use seamless paper as background and reduce the flash reflected from you strobes.Long room will let you be more flexible with your lens selection and light position.But you don’t must have a 3m*7m room, a normal 3m*4m bedroom will do the job.
  3. What kind of lights will I need to buy for a beginner?The fun thing here is that if you are a total beginner, you only have a digital pocket camera and you want to get your home made photography studio, you could use normal flashes! Thats all,go on to office depot or home depot and buy two normal bulb projectors with stands and you are of to go and start your own homemade photo studio!
  4. My biggest tip is : if you want to start homemade photography studio just for fun, don’t go and spend to much money on equipment you don’t really!!! Always strt small, learn to use it and get the best out of it. If you think you need something better, put the old stuff for sale or use it as a backup and buy the next level.  If you want to go on and be a pro, get to your local studio photography store and buy the best that you can get!!!
  5. Remember, most of as do photography for fun, If its all about fun you’ll get the same smile when taking portraits with 10000$ studio budjet or 500$.

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