Easy carton DIY ringflash

A RingFlash is a very cool flash tool.Many of the current “young”/”cool”  look images are done using this gadget. When You try to go the DIY way, there are many ways to improvise the ringflash.In many of those DIY RingFlash you’ll have do manage a hole into a metal salad bowl, so the flash will get into the bowl and cover the bowl surface with some kind of a white softbox diffuser materials (paper, fabric esc…).

If you just want to “feel” the result of the ringflash and don’t have nor the budget to buy a real ringflash and don’t have the “talet” to drill and cut through the metal, here is a nice alternative for doing your own ringflash.I found this link on the web, here a guy named Chung Dha Lam explains how to create a ringflash out of carton!!!

Looks a very easy and affordable project,here is the carton diagram

Get to his website to read more about this project.

Any how, after I built on of those carton simple ring flash bought this affordable ringflash:


5 thoughts on “Easy carton DIY ringflash

    1. Thanks man!
      I’m about to do one of those.
      I good idea will be to make the outside of the ringflash black of something of dark color, so there won’t be much light leeks.
      Keep on!
      Moshe Samuel – diyphotographystuff.info

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