RingFlash On The Budget – Part1

Hi, if you fancy a ring flash , but on the budget, this one is for you!

It all started with two probably (I say probably cause I didn’t used them yet) great and very popular gadgets, those are:

The only problem with those two , is that they cost about 200$, I Guess they both are of great building quality, but the price is abit to high for most strobist who will use the ring flash just a couple of times per year…

So a new player got into the ring `-) and as all the budget gadgets, it is from china, and one of the common is the small finishes, guys you did a very affordable product, go a dollar step ahead and make it much more better. Even thought, I must say that for the “normal” strobist, the piece will do its work and give great value for your bucks!

So, I’ll start with explaining about it minor flaws:

  • It not as round as the two more expensive competitors.
  • Due to some really going cheap in China, they left the logo carton, made of carton and not a reflective mateial, there for ,as many reviews on the net claim, it looses some light just for that …
  • Light distribution isn’t 100% eqvivalent . You’ll see more light power at the top of the picture, and less at the bottom. I believe this is natural for those types of gadgets, but there are ways to make it better…

here are two images to showcase those “flaws”:


But there are some great sides for this gadget:

  • Price – at about sixth of the price you’ll have to pay for the orbis/rayflash you’ll get a tool that anyone can afford.
  • RingFlash –  yes you can get those flat light looking  images. I see in a lot behind the scenes videos, photographers using a ringflah and more over, I see lot of ringflashes used for video lighting.
  • Construction – this is actually very good. If you see the other products on the market for the same price you’ll get the DIYPHOTOGRAPHY.net ringflash (http://www.diy-lighting-kits.com/ring-flash/), but its made of some paper and plastic sheets, while the O-Ring Flash is pretty sturdy for its price.

I do promise to write a post about the hack that solves removes the carton non reflective logo with the O-ring who will make it much better at minimising its light loose and light shape.

If you got it and photogrpahed with it, let as see!!!

Here is a quick one from this morning, Eitan My best model (well he is my sun, so he has to do what his told to!!!)

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