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Some time ago I stumbled on Jared Polin site also known as Fro Knows Photo, read like a million pages and watched a least ten videos (there are about 900 vids), well he has a lot to offer this guy!

I think that I got to this site after watching a you tube piece (the one at the bottom), and as you may think when I saw that he had this video with one of my favorite photographer Zack Arrias, I said to myself:” Moshe, this one you have to check!”.

And I did. You can go to Jared’s site and see his clean design, and lots of lots of tutorials and reviews for any level of photography (although a bit to many reviews, but some has to make some living… ).

So what you can get there? I’ll suggest you start with the beginners category (you’ll have to scroll down a little ). Then you might like the Quick Tip category where you’ll not just photography tips, but also post precessing (PS,LR and more) quick tips and more.

Why I picked this video?

  • Location – all you need is a wall and some room, like in every living room in any house.
  • Light&Setup – mostly easy two lights in this video. What most of the strobist guys have.
  • Actors – Zack & Jared, what can go wrong?!
  • Mood – those two are fun guys!

What do you think?

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