DIY White Canon 50 f/1.8

Is there a new Canon 50 1.8

Is there a new Canon 50 1.8

I don’t remember when and where I saw the for the first time (I had this post on draft for some time), you can read the full story at a discussion in this forum. At first glance I wondered if canon made some kind of a rare realise for probably their most popular lens the canon 50 f/1.8 ,thought it will make sense if they do so (I’m sure there will be many to buy the white one), but then when I took a closer look and read the rest of the discussionI realized that its a great original DIY project.

How nntenzo (thats his profile on the forum) did it? Its basicly simple:

  • You have to get some colors to get the white-grey Canon L look (cost him about 3$) and some printer decal paper, thats are leaser printer paper that remuvable tatooes are made of, or “best daddy in the world” cups.
  • He painted the lens with a brush, but you can use an air brush too, while covering the palces you don’t want to color with a duck tape.That will get you a bare white Canon 50mm 1.8.
  • Print on the decal paper the logos you want to put, he downloaded them from the net using google images.
  • Paste the logos in place on to your white lens.
  • Of you go, you have your privet Canon 50 f/1.8 white version!


Here is another version for this great one:

Some Q:

I didn’t find those Canon logos on the net, PLS share here if you found it.

Share your versions if you did one!


2 thoughts on “DIY White Canon 50 f/1.8

  1. Very nice, I got a bit confused at the beginning but after reading some, it made sense…
    I’d try it on one of my manual old lens for starters.
    Thanks, just joined your rss.

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