Soldier Vs. Andgry Birds – Photographing Toys In Action

Inspired both by an article I read this week in Popular Photography (Fungi FireFight by Mathew Ismael Ruiz ) and my son’s crazy period with

the last children figures : Toys Story soldiers and Angry birds, I’ve decided that after so much time, it will be my shot at the toys in action photography scene.

So what do you need?

  • I used in this scene some toy soldiers and angry birds figures you get when you buy a popsicle .
  • My son’s pocket camera (Canon 720IS) , yes he has a working digital pocket camera at the age of 4…


  •  Macro mode for close focusing.
  • Manual mode for correct exposure (about 1/100th and f/5.6 and some playing around).
  • No flash, manual focus.
  • Take some angles.
  • Let the boy be the art director!

Images were edited with LR4 and default presets.

Here are some examples:


Had some fun? let us know, just comment bellow or share your own images.

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  1. Cristian Lod.

    Gosh… I see the Toy story addiction is a global issue `-)
    The only thing my boy talked about for about 10 month was Buzz Buzz Buzz…

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