Horizontal Flash Holder/Adapter

Hi folks!

I did a video on how to attach/mount horizontally off camera flashes to lighting diffusers and attaching them to radio triggers.

This hack will help you a lot in three common problems ,if it helped you solve more problems, pls share it with us:

  • If you use radio triggers, you probably noticed that putting a flash + a trigger + an adapter , might feel a little fragile . One of the things that I miss with the YN622c is that they don’t have a quick release screw like I used to have with my previous YN602 triggers. That means you have to lock it to another flash stand which made this puzzle look even more fragile.
  • If you use a brolly box, I probably know there is no normal way to attach an off camera flash like you all strobist use.
  • While using a flash adapter with a bear umbrella, you’ll find the flash really out of the center of the umbrella, this hack will put the flash in a much better position!

Here is a simple how to video, all you need is :

  •  Two rubber bands , pick some good ones, just to be safe.
  • Your Flash stand holder.
  • Flash shoe adapter screw.
How to?Very simple:
Just hold the flash stand holder and your flash together and fix it with those rubber bands… `-)

Here are some images to demonstrate this solution:

Using the DIY horizontal flash holder hack with an umbrella, you can actually see the differences ,as the flash light in the right image is pointed to the center while on the left side, the flash is standing up and lights the upper area of the umbrella…

Here is how to use this DIY horizontal flash holder hack with a brolly, there is no cheaper or easier way in the world to do this!!!

I’dd be more than happy if you share this post and let me know what you think about it.

4 thoughts on “Horizontal Flash Holder/Adapter

  1. Hey, thanx for the tip.
    That’s exactly the problem I’ve told to a friend of mine: why did no one create another lower speedlight holder.
    The common holders are pretty fragile and the light is really too far from the center of the umbrella.
    Your solution is pretty simple but It works!

    1. You are welcomed Benjamin!
      It actually really strange and not every one noticed that, but is you mount the flash on a the popular umbrella size 33″=80cm(+-)
      The flash position lights to really top part of the umbrella.
      This hack makes it more even.

      I’m working on a better DIY solution, stay tuned.

    1. Hi Sherwin,
      I got the initial idea from this adapter, wondered why not just do it this way to,
      by the way it also works fantastic!

      I’m just writing my next post who is about a more “sophisticated” horizontal flash holder.

      TNX, Moshe.

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