High Speed Photography Video

This is a great video about high speed photography. The video covers some techniques and tips from Chase Jarvis Tech Studio.

How they did it?

  1. first took photo of a water balloon cut with a knife.
  2. They removed all the unnecessary background and setup marks with PS resulting in a clean water explosion image.
  3. The water was combined to a Karate fighter kicking .

Chase’s tips for high speed photography:

  1. Lower the ambient light – this will get you a clearer water explosion effect.
  2. The flash stops the action – the action will be freeze by the flash, not by the shutter speed.
  3. Use trigger to pop the flash – Chase used here a long exposure while he triggered the flash manually (trigger in his hand).
  4. Try to use flashes with short flash duration – and advantage studio lights has on small flashes.


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