Studio Strobes vs. Small Off-Camera Flashes – Scot Kelby

Scot put a test in his blog trying to answer the popular question:

“What is the difference between off camera flash (like a Nikon SB-800 or SB-900, or a Canon 580 EXII), and a Studio Strobe?

So he took three photos,two of them shot with a studio strobe in a small softbox and one of them shot with an off camera flash and the same softbox.Now its your turn to guess wich one of them is the off camera flash and who is not…

I have to admit that I guessed the wrong one…

Studio Strobes vs. Small Off-Camera Flashes-The big test(take your time to decide) and a detailed advantage/disadvantage for Studio Strobes vs. Small Off-Camera Flashes.

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