New Canon 7D!!!

Yes I know this post isn’t about product photography or studio photography,but as I realized today(!!! a couple of day after every one in the entire world…) about the new to come Canon 7D I was really enthusiastic!!!

As a long time Canon camera user ,I actually started about ten years ago with a HP camera but the second one was the legendary Canon G3,I use to follow the Canon cameras very closely.Recently I started to think about upgrading one of my 30D or 40D to a new Canon 5DmkII or getting a used Canon 5D.Now as just entered the site looking for some information about one of those two I saw that Canon got the new model soon.

Why it is so good for me?

1.Finally Canon will let their users have a built in camera wireless flash control!!!YEHH after Nikon and Fuji had this for about a decade,we as Canon users could get it too!!!

2.Much better ISO capabilities – I get high as 1600-3200 and no more ,so if it will good at 3200 I’ll be very very happy!

3.Better focus system!!!

4.HD video!

5. 18MP pictures!!! but who counts…)

This makes me a very good Canon option.I don’t know what to do?Get the 5D or the 7D?

To the Canon 7D home page click here.

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