Ebay White Balance lens cap,is that good?

Well,as you may all know,the issue of getting the right color temperature,also known as White Balance is one of the biggest influence prospect in the final picture quality  you can get out of your camera.

When you get into some mixed light scene your camera auto WB (White Balance)¬† metering system might loose its north.Therefor when I shoot wedding or commercial events I’m looking for some more accurate WB measuring system.

Two of the most popular tools are the Gray card and the Lens cap.

The gray card is a simple gray card that as you take a picture of it in the scene you are shooting will help the camera manually set the WB.The lens cap is a cap that you put on your lens and and it suppose to white blank the camera.After you take a picture with the lens cap on you can set the manual WB.

There are some white balance lens cap that sell on ebay for about 5$.I wanted to test that with the more old fashion gray card.So lets see what wee got here:


So what is my conclusion?

  • The Lens cap gave me to cold WB.
  • The camera auto WB was to warm.
  • The Grey card WB was more natural colored .

The winner:Gray card!!!

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