Cookie Photography-the cookie shootout

The cookie post started when I had a newly wed couple that came to my office to get their wedding album.I had to bring some goods in to serve the guys,so I went don’t to the local super market,having only a couple of minutes to choose the best sweet for my visitors,I decided to go with the chocolate chips cookies that I all ways love!

When I took the box from the self I said to myself ,”hey that’s a great photo on the box I want to do that too!”

Here  is one of the first  pics that I took:


Get In and read the rest of the story (I bet you’ll want those chocolate cookies too)!

So The first thing I’ll like to show you guys is the setup:



As you can see the cookie photograph was token at home in my back office.The camera on tripod,the cookies on a white table plate,the plate is on white plastic perspex panel that I love so much and use in many of my product photographs.As for the lighting ,there was an opened door on the left side of the plate and the is a semi opened window that you can see in the picture behind the computer screen.That simple and that easy!By the way the golden reflector has no influence on the picture…

After I thought about how to shoot the set,I started to test the lighting for the cookies photographs.If I use chocolate or some melting objects on the set I test the light on some object with about the same size as the cookies I’m going to shoot.This is the the testing shot:


Take in mind that the cookie photographs taken in this set is under regular in home light,natural light I set the camera to a high 1000ISO and started with shallow depth of field of f/2.8 and 1/80th sec.This will get me the nice dramatic look as in the picture that is shown in the post header.Here are some other examples with those settings f/2.8:



In the next cookies photographs I changed the depth of field of  f/5.6, this lets me more details from the cookie and the props I used to give the picture more interest.Please take in mind that that I slowed down the shutter speed to 1/25th sec.I used a tripod which you’ll must use unless you have more light in the scene.I also used a timer to reduce camera shake.This is what we got out from the cookies shoot:



Here it is for  this set,I really hope you enjoyed reading.Please share your thoughts and pictures with us.


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