Easy Ebay photography using a light tent

We all know how important it is to get a good picture in order to get a good selling page in your eBay.com store.

A good picture will generate more traffic to you store and will probably will get you  better conversion rate,that means in simple words MORE MONEY!!!

Here I’ll cover the basics of how to shot a good picture with a low budget studio equipment.One light tent and three flash units might cost you less than  90$.Get this and you’ll be ready for your eBay product photography homebased studio.


In this session I’ll explain you guys here how to use a simple cheap light tent a 80cm big for your photographs to put on eBay.This a relatively big light tent to use,but it will get you great results for also medium size products as well as small ones.This box costs about 20USD maybe less,so it will be a wast not to get one if you shoot more that a couple of products .In this set I used three flash lights,I use Canon based system but there are some less expensive alternatives on the net for flashes,some starts about 20USD.That means you could get a great worth of value package for your product photography studio at about 80USD more or less.




So how I set up the set?Easy 5 minutes and you are done!!!

  • Open the light tent (well that is easy).
  • get the lights stand in rear,right and left side of the light tent.Manual mode.1/8 of maximum power.
  • camera on tripod set on my favorite setting : iso400, 1/125sec,f/11.
  • start shoot and and see how you need to change the settings in order to get better results.

This is what you’ll get just after 5 minutes of work.



In the first picture the left flash fired on a very low power,the result of that low power can be seen in less details on the product left side.One down side for this photograph is that you’ll have to photoshop out the less lightened part of the picture.

In the second eBay product photograph example , we set the left flash to fire.You can immediately can see the influence of that flash.There is still some photoshop to do to make that picture perfect.but its a good one for your eBay product photo.

Fine tuning will be done with photoshop and you are ready to publish it in your eBay online shop!

In addition to 5 minutes of photoshop maneuvers and you get a high quality eBay product photograph!

2 thoughts on “Easy Ebay photography using a light tent

  1. I will have to get this one for my new wood toys that I do.
    I saw on the net that it is possible to use this light box with normal lapms, how good is it?
    Thanks for sharing, I’m on your list now so I’m waiting for new stuff

    1. Hey Dave thanks for stoping by and commenting here,it means a lot for me.
      The answer about the normal lights is yep!you can!!!
      Just keep in mind that you’ll must have a tripod as the shutter speeds are much slower with the normal light rather than with the flash strobes.
      You could fing on ebay and find many light tents solutions.
      If I where you I would invest some more $$ in the cheap speed light.

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