Great product photography set by-Stefan Tell

Hey you all!

As most of my work is with small flashes I must bring you to this very talented Swedish photographer (Stockholm, Sweden) who is also a graphic designer.You can get to his site at this address .As I use small flashes in the tutorials you see in that site, Stefan is using “big” lights Profoto units if I read it right.The “big” lights can get you better results in many of the cases than the small lights,as the ad-ons you can work with the big light are much versatile than the one that you can get or DIY for the small light (not mentioning power and the light shape).

In Stefans blog and site you could get many tutorials , mainly about portrait photography,in those tutorials you’ll see detailed examples and diagrams for the shootouts he did.I really liked the product shootout that you can see in that link Lighting setup for Amigurumi product photography using only two lights!

I have to say that this tutorial really got me thinking on trying to get this nice result with the small flashes that I use for my product photography tutorials…So the first two things that I did after I read that tutorial by stefan is to DIY two honeycoms for my flashes, one circular shaped and on rectangle shape.

Stefan Tell

Enjoy the site by Stefan and see you soon with my next tutorial!

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