DIY Dual/Multiple Flash Bracket

This is my design for a diy 3 flash bracket holder

This time I want to talk about another popular project in the DIY Photography filed, thats multiple flashes bracket.Above is my design for multiple flash bracket. It is made of a metal rectangle that makes the trigger brackets holder that I got from a local welding workshop leftovers. I asked the man there to drill some holes for me, as I didn’t think I had a good chance to make it at home and the man was so nice…After you got the metal rectangle drilled, you are actually done, all you need more are some bolts and small discs for better holding and you are of to go and attach up to three flashes in this hack.

Why would you need a DIY Flash Beacket?

  • Power – There are cases when you photographing out side and need to compete against the sun on who has more light power. Lets say that in this competition, youl’d usually start at a bad point…
  • Recycle -The more flashes you use the better recycling times you can get for the same flash power, as one 580 at full power will equal two 580 at 1/2 power and that’s significant for your recycling times.
  • Light spreed –  Althoght not many times you consider that, but putting together two, will make the light come out from a variety of points and reflecting into an umbrella or a softbox will make it look more even.

Here are some images of those brackets, most of them are made of just some pieces of metal and some bolts, but they do their  job well.

This is a 4 flash holder into some kind of big softbox
Four flash bracket holder
3 Flash bracket holder
4 flash bracket in a wierd setup

If you did one let as see it!!!Post it in the comment section bellow!

4 thoughts on “DIY Dual/Multiple Flash Bracket

  1. Wouldn’t one of the advantages to using a multiple flash bracket be using the supplemental flashes in slave mode?

    1. Yep, the first design (mine) only shows the triggers. In the others you could see Nikon units, as I’m not Nikon guy, I can only guess they are in some remote trigger option.
      TNX for visiting , you are welcomed to share the posts you like and comment here!

    1. TNX Jo,
      the first one , if I got you right is my “design”.
      I’d be happy if you share with us your design or experience with one of those designs, in case you decide to try one.

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