DIY Project-20cm*20cm SoftBox+Gird for small flashes

Remember the photograph from the teaser?


You want to get started?!!

Here’s what you need :

  • carton board (I used the leftovers from the DIY SoftBox project)
  • a good pair of scisors
  • one marker pen to mark the misures
  • Big Ruler (40cm or more)
  • Strong scotch tape
  • An utility knife
  • Black corrugated plastic sheeting (thats how think it is called-please inform me otherwise)

So lets do it!

1.What we’ll need to do first is to cut 4 pieces from the carton board.

  • Two pieces will be the top and bottom sides of the grided softbox-size 20cm*20cm.
  • Two pieces will 1cm shorter and will make the left&right sides of the the grided softbox

Here is the diagrams for the two types of  panels you’ll need to the:

top panel diagram side panel diagram

2.Now mark those sings on the squares you made (sorry that my look like a mess,but you’ll find your way to make the best marking for yourself):


3.Cut the 4 panels that you’ll use for the grided softbox:


4.The next step will be to cut a lot of strips from the corrugated plastic sheeting.I cut 2 pieces 20cm wide and 100cm long and cut the 20cm wide and 3cm long strips with the ruller I have:




When finished uoy’ll have a lot of those stripes,don’t worry the leftover will use as from the soon to come DIY small flash grid.

5.Lets start glue all the strips together.I glued groups of 10-15 strips until you will have a pile 20cm hight.Let the glue dry for some minutes.



6.Go on and use the masking tape to attach 3 side of the panels together-I glued together the bottom/top panel with the two side panel.Put good quantity of glue on the panels edge and on the pile of strips and glue it all together:



Once again,allow a couple of minutes for the glue to dry.

7.Wrap it all together and you’ll get the best ever DIY softbox + grid you could imagin!



And we are done!!!

Here is a quick setup to test the DIY softbox + grid:


Do it now and let us know how you used it!

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