Photo effects with manual zooming your flash

One of he options for controlling the size of your flash light beam is using a snoot or a grid.Both of those methods will be introduce to you  in very simple DIY projects that will improve your photographic creativity very fast and easy.But there is another way to control the size of your flash beam and it is controlling the flash zoom manually.Here is a quick example to the change in the beam size as you change the zoom factor.The camera Canon 40D on the wide side of the Canon 17-55 IS (27mm film equivalent):

flash zoom 105mm


flash zoom 80mm


flash zoom 70mm


flash zoom 50mm


flash zoom 35mm


flash zoom 24mm


You can easly see how the flash cover changes as you change the zoom of the flash.

How to use it for your photography creativity?we’ll load some photos soon!

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