DIY Camera Strap

Hi, summer time is here and the kids are at home for some long and exhausting weeks, so you have to keep them busy. Very fast you’ll find out that you are out of ideas how to keep them busy.

You cool unique DIY camera strap

Recently, my big one got our pocket camera as a gift, and I wanted to make it a bit unique. I found this tut about how to make your own camera strap , and this was just fine to keep the morning busy with the kids.This project is good also if you want to have your own camera strap design, you don’t have to get your kids to this for you!!! `-)

So what do you need for this project?

What you’ll need in order to make your own camera strap
What you’ll need in order to make your own camera strap
  • A piece of cotton webbing – I didn’t bought it, I used here a cotton belt that I didn’t used for a very long time…
  • Fabric glue and some needles and threads
  • Some paints for fabric – My wife has them as she likes to draw images on a plain white kids T-shirts.
  • Swivel hooks- this was a bit of a trouble to find, but after I got mine, someone told me of about hundred places that sales them, actually jewellery and crafts/knitting store has them…

Now lets get going!

  • Paint the fabric as you like (or your kids like!).
  • Put it in the swivel hooks.
  • Sew the endings , make it sewed good as you won’t want it to open!!!
  • This is it!

here is the link to the idea origin.


2 thoughts on “DIY Camera Strap

  1. Hi Diy
    Great idea, I was looking for something to do with the kids afternoon, will upload the results later.
    I still don’t know how to draw a Toy Story figure on it, but I’ll manage something later…

    1. Hi Yonit,
      I’m happy to see you enjoyed the idea.
      My boy it after his Toy Story phase (at least I think so),
      but he is however, in his Angry birds phase now, I don’t know which I prefer…

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