6 tips for amazing extreme macro photography

Tips from extreme macro photography.

When you want to  shoot macro-getting close into the objects,one option is to use a macro lens.I use the canon 100mm f/2.8 macro.The macro lens allows you to get very close to subjects and gets you 1:1 magnification.

If you want to get extreme closeups you could use the reverse lens approach.What you do is using a len that you have,but you attach the lens reverse.You could use an adaptor to do that but there is also an easy DIY way.

In this shootout I used the canon 100mm macro and hand held the canon 50mm in revrse.

Here it’s how I did it.

Tips for extreme macro photography,using the reverse lens method:

  1. Focus both lens for infinity.
  2. Move them to manual mode,at least the len that is attached to the camera so it won’t try to auto focus while tyring to shoot.
  3. Use you elbows as a human tripod.
  4. Focus the the wanted area by moving your body backwards and upwards.
  5. Try to get the shutter speed as high as possible.
  6. Try to use contrast backgrounds to add surprise elements into the frame.

Here as some examples off photos taken with the reverse lens macro photography approach.




Show us your photos and share your tips with us!

Now go out and shoot!!!

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