What this blog is about?

After publishing my first good looking DIY project-the DIY 40cm*40cm SoftBox,it got a lot of buzz and comments in the forums where I show the DIY project.One forum that I like the most (fredmiranda.com) got my thread into some kind of an argue about whether you should use this diy project for professional work or not.

My opinion about the gear=photographers quality  issue is that any service provider should be judged by his results and not by the equipment he/she owns,as simple as that!

But the purpose to many of my DIY projects (there will be much more to come,so stay tuned) is to experience your photography talent and improve it.It doesn’t matters what you photograph I’m sure as hell that the DIY SoftBox will improve your photo results if you only used your flash of camera with a small diffuser…

So go and do the DIY SoftBox and enjoy your results and test your talent.

I’ll be happy to see results of the  photos you took.

For the fredmiranda post about the DIY SoftBox click here.

So what this blog is about?It is about getting some inspiration and ideas for better photography and photography methods.Plus you’ll your share of some of my simple DIY gadgets.

Enjoy !

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