How To Use Negative Space Positively To Create Sensational Photographshs

 Whenever photographers take photos, they usually focus on the subject of the shot and try to make it stand out from the rest. In their effort to do so, they might place less importance on the empty areas of the picture. On the other hand, the area not being used by the subject or other object referred to as negative space can successfully be used to improve the visual effects of an image.
The Perfect Use of Negative Space:
 Following are some of the tips to use negative space to spice up your photographs.
1.Provides Balance:
 You can give the balance to your composition with the help of negative space no matter you are taking a wide-angle photo of a landscape or macro photograph of a bug. If you do not use any empty space in the image, the positive space occupied by the subject might appear overwhelming. It will not be possible for the viewer to rest his eyes and decide where to look. You can also use the rule of Thirds to place the subject in one-third half of the frame and leaving rest of the photograph empty.
2.Highlights The Subject:
If you surround the subject by empty space, the viewer would have no choice but to look at the point of interest. The viewer will be able to appreciate only the subject without being distracted by the cluttered background. You can magnify and accentuate even the tiniest of the subject if composed in this manner as this technique can make artworks like photo printing and other something spectacular.
3.Creates Fascinating Atmosphere:
Smartly used negative spaces can not only evoke emotions but will also effectively add to the mood of the image.  For instance, an image that portrays a large portion of empty sky can readily exude tranquility. Furthermore, even a simple black empty background is enough to induce a sensational and dramatic effect to the main subject.
4.Makes Image Breathe:
When you are composing the effects in your shots, add sufficient negative space to allow the subject to be properly appreciated. This way the main point of interest or focal point will not be cluttered, crowded or cramped. The proper and appropriate use of negative space will make it more appealing and adorable.
5.Interesting Patterns and Shapes:
The objects in the picture do create certain interesting shapes and forms. However, the negative space can also create some fascinating patterns of its own that are as attractive as main point of interest. It is the natural tendency of human brain to find shapes and forms in whatever it sees and the negative space in the photographs can be used deliberately to depict various shapes that add interesting visual effects. The minimalist style of photography makes extreme use of negative space creating striking shots that look almost abstract.
Whenever you decide to take a shot, do not just confine yourself to the subject but also concentrate on the negative space. You can experiment with the placement of the subject and see how negative space can highlight the main point of interest creating an ambiance enticing enough to catch the attention of the viewer. In fact, negative space is a powerful tool that can convert a dull photograph into a captivating and eye-catching one.

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