Five Ways to Show Off Your Photography Skills

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We all know that technology and digital has made photography more accessible to the masses, but then again, we also know that some people do it better than others. An amateur might get a great shot (sometimes by chance) once every couple of months – but as a community we strive to do this all the time. We read tips, draw inspiration from other bloggers and practice (a lot). That’s why it is so rewarding to show off the skills that we spend so long perfecting. I love getting feedback from my own shots, as well as helping people to get their best images too by using mine as inspiration. If you are of the same mind, why don’t you show off your own photography skills using my suggestions below?


Become a photography blogger

The blogging community is always looking for new names and faces to join the ranks. Your tips and hints could be invaluable to those who are just starting out, or even seasoned pros! The web is wide, which gives you a lot of different places to channel your skills, in a variety of different formats. Write about your equipment, software, on-shoot recommendations – whatever takes your fancy.

Sell your shots and prints online

If you’re serious about your photography, you might be looking to step it up from a simple hobby. I recently set up my own website where I sell my images on canvas prints which I find very rewarding. Other people prefer to go down the stock photography route, so simply choose something that fits in with your ambitions.


Rise up on an online community

Blogs are great, but there are other forums and websites you can explore further too. I’ve always been a fan of Flickr as people are always honest with you about how you can improve a photograph. It’s all about constructive criticism which I do believe helps photographers progress to the next level. You’ll also be rewarded, when people nominate you for certain awards on the site.


Cover the social networks

When people see you blogging in many locations, they might want to connect with you via social networks too. Ensure you keep your bio the same theme across them all, and show off your skills in each location. On Twitter you can create a custom background on your profile page, on Facebook and G+ you’ll have a cover photo, and Instagram is of course full of your on-the-go shots. Don’t forget to list all of your relevant experience on LinkedIn just in case someone wants to hire you for a shoot.


Connect with the media

Finally, demonstrate your knowledge and passion by making contacts in the media. News organizations often need images or even experts to appear on their programmes. For example, BBC Breakfast often gets people in to talk about a topic – that person could be you! Stay up-to-date with current news that could put you into the spotlight, and then get back in touch when the time is right.

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