DIY flash gel filter holder-Quick and easy

You probably heard about the free gel filters packages that sometimes in the past where send to everyone that requested them.Well I believe that the filter manufacture companies went bankrupt as the word spread around the photography community.Now there are some sets that are sold on eBay Adorama ans such for about 10$.If you got your hands on a dealer around you that still ships those filter set for free,you should contact him and ask for one!

The filter set that I got has maybe  100 of colored filter gels suited exactly to my Canon 5xx series.All I had to do was to build a gel filter holder.There are many DIY projects like that on the net and I actually started that with a piece of plastic that broke and then said hey why wouldn’t I try to make it of a transparency slide?!

Its easy and your 5 years child can do it for you too!

all you have to do is get a transparency slide (A4 size will get you about million gel filter holders…) measure your flash head X and Y and cut of the slide a piece like in the diagram below:


Now that you cut out your flash gel holder , all you need to finish it up is just to fold the slide in the middle and you’ll something like this:

And of you go you have your own quick and easy DIY flash gel filter holder.

This is how the flash gel holder looks on the flash,without the gel filter.


This is how it looks with a gel filter called Primary Red (106 in my pack) gel effect filter.


Flash shooting with the flash filter holder on snooted with a narrow beem (manual 105mm) :


Flash shooting with the flash filter holder on  a wide beem (manual 24mm) :


Well this is it! Thats how I like it simple easy not expensive DIY project!

9 thoughts on “DIY flash gel filter holder-Quick and easy

  1. This one is realy simple and easy to make!
    I almost started driling some plastic as on other blogs…
    ! minute work!

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