Amazing product photography 1$ technique!-Part I

Amazing product photography 1$ technique! If you want to know how to do this easy 1$ (if you have the off camera flashes) dig in there are some examples and outcomes that you wouldn’t imagine how easy it is to do it!!! For the bset use of this tutorial you Continue Reading

One light simple product photography setup

Hey this time I bring you a very simple product photography setup,using just one flash (canon 550EX). We will learn during this tutorial : How to simply setup this product photography setup. Setting up the only light you need for those professional shots. Setting up the camera parameters aperture,shutter speed Continue Reading

Simple studio product photography setup

Easy to do small DIY product photography setup with home made lighting stuff. Simple studio product photography setup that will get this: You probably heard the words: “one pictures worth thausends words”…Yep today you must have good pictures of your products in order that the potential web costumer wil shop Continue Reading