Two Cool Diy SoftBox Videos Plus Images

Hi you all,

on of my favorites and most viewed post on this site, is probably one of my first post about diy softbox , I must say that since then there are some handy and really affordable softbox solutions for smal flashes, if you want to go for the best pruductsa, you can search of wesscot products on Amazon, one of their best sellers is the Westcott Apollo 28″, there are cheaper products on Ebay, but I’m here not in rder to sell you stuff, but to show you two videos maed by two talented guys, not only thinking about this, but also making it, thats great.

1. 36″ DIY BrollyBox (Umbrella SoftBox)

The first video is all about making a DIY 36″ brolybox (DIY umbrellabox or umbrella softbox), I must sat that I thought about doing one of those, but had in mind only the regular umbrellas, the normal models don’t get enough curve to be used for the known brolly model, but in this videos Travis used another umbrella model and it looks as if he solved the problem for those kind of DIY Brolly Box projects, Watch it and see what I mean (there are some images after the video as well).


2. Big Diy SoftBox.

In this video tutorial, you can see how they put a softbox (pretty big one) based on two PVC pipes and some wires for framing the softbox. There are two big things with this project, the first  is that you can enlarge the softbox to practically and size you wish, just upscale the PVC pipes and you can make it bigger.Second thing here is that they made a nice wooden flash bracket. You can see the full parts list and how to here.


So which one you like better?Let us know!!!

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