DIY Universal Softbox Small Flash Mounting Adapter

Some time ago (it sounds like a kids story), there were no Wescot folding softboxes and no Ebay or chinice like products for even more tight budgets, so all you can get was or Bowens mount softboxes or what we called universal mount softbox. The only thing was, that even if you could get those universal mount softboxes, you’d have to manage a trick to put a small flash (off camera flash) in them, So if you have one of those sofboxes, Who are still sold on ebay and amazon for some strobes models, this post is for you.

Read more about the DIY Universal Softbox Small Flash Mounting Adapter (by Tomasz Nowak)

Tomasz put this one very easy to understand, all you have to do is to follow the images below and you’ll pretty sure make it. The flash mout is based on a wood plate, the size of the universal softbox mount and a hinge or pole, puting them together and you can go on and mount a small flash in the universal mount softbox:

Attach the flash to the pole in two ways, here Tomasz used a velcro peice to put them together, but you can use another adapter for holding any flash to umbrellas.

Tomasz had the guts to put two YN460II velcroed together (used it in the Zumba model setup)

Adding more tin foil to the wood base to get beter reflections.

Well thats it! I’d be happy if you comment here if you made this diy universal flash adpter or if you made other DIY idea on this project!


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