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I found a very nice site about sexy ligerie photography tutorials, it is called, site writer Michael Zelbel is kind of a master in using small flash units for those kind of photographs, probably the best sharing photographer in that area that I can recommend. In his site you’ll get lots, tons of info about lingerie photography in a funny and easy way, including videos, diagrams and examples

I want to inroduce you to two movies shared on his site and his YouTube channel:

First one is about photographing lingerie in your bedroom.

In this setup Michael uses only one flash and a Translucent Shoot Through White Umbrella. This setup is preaty easy and fast forward as you may see in the video bellow, Michael let you all the data to replicate this setup in your home or ourdoor shootout:

  • Camera settings: 50mm Lens, F/2.8, ISO 100, manual WB 10000k.
  • Shooting from above.
  • One flash light: 100cm Translucent Shoot Through White Umbrella and a 58GN speedlite (something like the Canon 580EX, YN560 or Nikon SB900) at 1/32 power open wide for 28mm.
  • Whenyou want to add some more lighting atmosphere to the setup, Michael added another flash to the models right setup for 1/32th power of a 43GN (like the Canon 430EXII or the popular YN460II). The flash shoot through a yellow colored bedside  lighting lamp, if you don’t have one you can just use a sunny gel filter.

Second video is all about using a high key setup for shooting those sexy photographs.

Michael used here the corridor as the location for this high key setup, you can actually use any part of your house, as you only need the white surrounding for getting the high key effect. How this is made? simple!!!

Using 3 flashes as you need a  big lighting source to paint the background with white light (used two of the here) and one flash to add the light into the model front.

Two Canon 580EX at 1/4th full power painting the background in white light zoomed wide open at 28mm.

One Canon 430EXII at 1/16th full power, zoomed at 80mm to create a good light directed to the model.

Camera: ISO 320, F/8 for a good depth , manual WB 5800K, about 2.6m from the model.

Remote control : Michael used here a sophisticated digital remote trigger , but when using manual modes for all flashes, I use normal budget triggers.

This is it, very simple, about 5 minutes videos to let you a good idea on how to shot lingerie setups!
I’ll be happy if your share that page in case you liked it.Any comments are welcomed!!!

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