Simple Home Light Table Setup

There are times in which you want to take pictures of your products and don’t want to have any shadows beneath the products you are shooting.The simplest solution for those cases is to use a light table.Light table or iluminating panel is a thin device that  is built of a white panel and a light source under that panel.You put it in your shootout setup under the products and it will hide those shadows.


Here is a “problem” I read in a post in a photography forum:”How could I get reed of the shadows in the attached picture?”.I hear that question a lot.This picture was taken in a light tent with two strobes flashing from the right and left side of it.Usually I will recommend not to get reed of  of those shadows,as it gives a sense of depth and capacity to the picture.But if you do want to resolve your problem you should simply put your light tent on some white transparent panel (I mostly use perspex,like in the photos below) and put a small flash to shoot under it.Thats actually what the guy with the question did,he put a mini strobe under a white perspex panel and blup…

Here is a quick DIY light table setup:


quick light table setup:canon 430EX on the studio tripod full power shooting through a white umbrella.White perspex panel (40cm*40cm) on a stand (You could use any thing of that kind).Canon 550EX SpeedLite 1/4 power wide zoom under the panel.Camre usually on something like f/10-f/13 shutter speed 1/160sec-1/200sec.

Here are some results of the setup:


shot of a pearl could notice there is not shadows under the pearl


One of my boy’s could see a lite shadow to the toy’s right.This shadow is made by the main flash from the  left.That issue can be resolved with a white reflector add to the setup on the right side of the toy

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