6 Most Asked Questions About the YN560II


Hi, I posted a review for the YN560II that I got a while ago and the review came out very popular, so many visitors mail me for questions about this unit , some of the questions I found repeating over and over, so I decided to put a list here. I case you still have something to ask me about the 560II you can feel free to leave a comment below at the comments section or mail me from this page.

Let go on!!!

    1. Battery pack – Does the YN560II can have a battery pack? If you have a Canon version of the YN560II: In case you have battery packs for Canon flashes, you could use it with your 560II. You can also buy the Yongnuo SF17C or SF18C (eBay link). The YN SF17 has 6 batteries while the YN SF18 can hold 8 batteries. I must say that I don’t use battery packs at all, as I didn’t find a need in them yet. Even when I use my flash units for weddings , I have them at 1/4th full power at max, they are always ready for a fresh flash. I case you’ll need to use your flashes at higher power than 1/4th and need them to be ready all the time, you might consider a battery pack.
    2. Does my YN560II has any ETTl/iTTL/TTL capability? NO, NO, NO!!! The YN560II is a simple strobist flash, no brain at all. It is a full manual flash, and a very good value for the money, in my opinion the best value for the money for a manual flash.
    3. YN560II AF assists or YN560II Assists focus queastions –  NO, NO, NO!!! Although the YN560II is built like the YN565EX, it has the same res plastic, where usually flashes has their AF beem, the YN560II doesn’t has it, so don’t be surprised that your camera won’t focus faster with the flash on the camera… `-)
    4. What is yn560II’s sync speed or YN560II HSS or YN560II high speed sync – The YN 560II will sync as fast as your camera Flash X sync speed, normaly for DSLR this will be about 1/200th sec – 1/320th sec.While I found that most pocket cameras has 1/500th sec max Flash X sync speed, so you can play with it in slave modes S1 and S2.
    5. What are the differences between the YN560 and the newer YN560II? As for power there is no difference, they both deliver about GN58 (much like Canon’s 580EX and Nikon’s SB8/900) , but the main differences are :1.The rear LCD 
    6. screen .The new version has a usable and much more helpful LCD screen. If you used the old YN560 or the YN460 versions youl’d be super pleased withe the new screen. 2.Better power adjastments levels – While the old YN560 had only 8 levels of output-1 stop increments 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, the new version can go1/1, 1/2 (+1/3 , +2/3) , 1/4(+1/3 , +2/3), 1/8(+1/3 , +2/3), 1/16(+1/3 , +2/3), 1/32(+1/3 , +2/3), 1/64(+1/3 , +2/3), 1/128(+1/3 , +2/3), but in 1/3 stop increments. 3. Multi Mode – You can set the flash to flash X times in Y seconds .4. Some changes in the materials.
    7. Some wired questions I don’t have any answer like : How to use the yn560II?!?!?!? Do you hace the Cezck manual?!!?


4 thoughts on “6 Most Asked Questions About the YN560II

  1. Hi
    Its a bummer there is no HSS, but for that price I wouldn’t expect to have HSS…
    There is a new YN568 on the market tan can do HSS and wireless TTL and all the features the Canon 580EXII, it might be interesting to see how it works.
    Would you have one for a review?

    1. No Hss isn’t a big bummer, most people use the YN560II as second off camera flash and with triggers like the YN602/603 that don’t support higher sync speed…
      Yep I know the YN568, I currently ain’t planning in testing it, as I have a very nice flash arsenal…
      The YN568 can be a wireless slave to a Canon 580EX est but can’t be a master flash, there for YN still has some improvements to make…
      If you don’t use the Master option the only thing that might bother you from getting it is the 40$ difference from the YN565EX…

  2. I am a big fan of YN products. I use the 460 flash and it’s a great product. I also use their radio remote triggers for flash. I think they are high quality at a great price!

    1. I’m about to put a review for the YN460II Vs MK930, they are the most affordable strobist flash out there.
      I think they are the best value for the money for new strobists and as fill flash units…

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