DIY Spring Clamp Flash Holder

Sometimes when you are in a tight/small location or in case you don’t have enough studio flash stands or where to stand them, you have to improvise. There is a budget solution to that. I saw on eBay , some stores that sells a small spring clamp with a screw like on top of your studio lighting stand, those offer a solution, but won’t hold a decent weight (500gr declared) and are mainly supposed to hold a reflector or a radio trigger. Those eBay – clamp studio flash holder costs about 10$ including shipment, but won’t hold a flash to a door or a bar in some small location.

I came up with a quick idea on how to try and solve this problem, I put a short (silent) video on the how to, even thought you might get the idea on how to build it just by reading further and looking at the images.

Lets dig in!

Diy Clamp Flash Holder – The Shopping list:

  • Big spring clamp. The are many clamps on eBay/amazon, you should aim to a 7″ length clamp or bigger. Bigger will be stronger and can be attached to wider objects.
  • Some 1/4″ screws and hubs.I also used here a spring disk , it will help you make the clamp more durable.
  • Flash Umbrella holder.

How To Make this Clamp Flash Holder?

  • Drill a Hole into one of the Clamp’s handles.Don’t drill it to wide, as you’ll get more support and stability if the screw will be less free.
  • Close the screw, as hard as you can. I also used a spring disk here for more resistance.
  • This is it. all you have to do now is attach your flash to umbrella holder and of you go!

Diy spring clamp flash holder – The howto Video:


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